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Penetration testing (shortened pentesting) is the art of assessing the security of an environment and, eventually, discovering vulnerabilities (sometimes also exploiting vulnerabilities to confirm them). Penetration-testing is also called hacking (hackers, white hats), and differs from cracking (crackers, black hats) in the motivations. The hacker is a security professional who acts with ethics whereas crackers act without rules. Crackers' motivations are challenges (e.g. deface a web site), data theft, vandalism and destruction.



Web application attacks

Common web application attacks (XSS, LFI, RFI, sessions, ...) are here: Web-applications-attacks

Read file

Here are some commands that enable to read a file:

  • cat <file>
  • head <file>
  • more <file>
  • less <file>
  • tail <file>
  • xxd <file>
  • nano <file>
  • vim <file>
  • vi <file>
  • grep <file>
  • grep -R . (reads all files in the directory)
  • echo < readme.txt
  • while read line; do echo $line; done < clue.txt
  • rev /home/ubuntu/flag5.txt | rev

Hacking tutorials


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