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Arping is part of the iputils package. It pings a destination by sending ARP REQUEST packets to a neighbour host, using a given source address.


$ sudo apt-get install arping
This method will uninstall network-manager(-kde). You will have to manually reinstall necessary packages.

Then optionally create a symbolic link to your /pentest/ directory:

$ mkdir -p /pentest/misc/arping/
$ ln -s /usr/bin/arping /pentest/misc/arping/arping


Basic syntax

$ arping [-fqbDUAV] [-c count] [-w timeout] [-I device] [-s source] destination


quit on first reply
be quiet
keep broadcasting, don't go unicast
duplicate address detection mode
Unsolicited ARP mode, update your neighbours
ARP answer mode, update your neighbours
print version and exit
-c <count>
how many packets to send
-w <timeout>
how long to wait for a reply
-I <device>
which ethernet device to use (eth0)
-s <source>
source ip address


Host is alive:

$ arping -f -c 1 -I wlan0
ARPING from wlan0
Unicast reply from [00:50:8B:**:**:**]  3.360ms
Sent 1 probes (1 broadcast(s))
Received 1 response(s)

Host isn't alive:

$ arping -f -c 1 -I wlan0
ARPING from wlan0
Sent 1 probes (1 broadcast(s))
Received 0 response(s)