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Lithium-Ion (li-ion)


Maximum voltage 4.2V/cell
Minimum voltage 2.5V/cell
Storage voltage 3.7V/cell

How to build a lithium-ion battery?

Serie or parallel?

  • If you need more voltage, assemble your cells in serie (e.g. 6S1P)
  • If you need more power, assemble your cells in parallel (e.g. 3S2P)

For example, with US18650VTC6 cells of 3,000mA / 30A, you'll have:

Voltage Total capacity Discharge rate
Serie (e.g. 6S1P) 25.2V (6 x 4.2V) 3,000mA 30A
Parallel (e.g. 3S2P) 12.6V (3 x 4.2V) 6,000mA 60A (2 x 30A)

What you'll need

Build a 6S1P li-ion



Building process

Drone-diy-build-li-ion-6s1p-build01.jpg Drone-diy-build-li-ion-6s1p-build02.jpg

Drone-diy-build-li-ion-6s1p-build03.jpg Drone-diy-build-li-ion-6s1p-build04.jpg


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