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Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)


  • BLHeli
  • SimonK

Flash ESC

For more details, watch this video from Joshua Bardwell.

Download BLHeli Suite

BLHeli Suite is the software that will be used to flash our ESCs.

Passthru connection

It is possible to use the Cleanflight/Betaflight passthrough method (flash ESC via the flight controller without having to use a specific USB stick). To do that, open Cleanflight or Betaflight but don't click on "Connect" (if you do that, the COM port won't be available for BLHeli Suite anymore).

Now, start BLHeli Suite.

Choose bootloader

Now in BLHeli, choose the appropriate bootloader from the "Select ATMEL/SILABS Interface". It should be either [E] (for SILABS) or [6] (for ATMEL). If you're not sure, you can search your ESC in these PDF files:

For example, Favourite LittleBee 30A ESCs are found in the 1st document: SiLabs.

Connect and read setup

  1. Open Cleanflight or Betaflight (but do not connect)
  2. Open BLHeli Suite and select port (COM3 in our example)
  3. Click Check
  4. Check version of each ESC

Upgrade version

If you click on Flash BLHeli, it will open a popup window showing the current version vs. the latest version available.


It is important to ensure that you have chosen the appropriate version of your model in the dropdown list


Once ready to flash your ESCs, click OK. You will be prompted to confirm:


It will then show a similar screen:


Once the first ESC is flashed, the following confirmation will be displayed:


BLHeli Suite will then automatically go through the same process for the remaining 3 ESCs.

At the end of the process, the following summary is displayed:


Motor direction

If a motor doesn't spin in the right direction, you have 2 options:

  • switch 2 cables (you need to unsolder and resolder 2 connections between the motor and the ESC)
  • change the direction in BLHeli Suite, as follows:



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