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Spear Phishing


Sends phishing email to a list of targets based on a template.


CSV file of targets who should receive the email
TAB separated fields with following format: EMAIL<TAB>NAME
MSG file.
Possibility to write your own template using keywords (%To%, %To_Name%, %URL)
Optional, if the email should contain an attachment
Embed URL
Will replace all URLs of the template with the one defined in this field
When you embed a URL, Cobalt Strike will attach ?id=%TOKEN% to it. Each sent message will get its own token. Cobalt Strike uses this token to map website visitors to sent emails.
Mail Server
Set Mail Server to an open relay or the mail exchange record for your target. If necessary, you may also authenticate to a mail server to send your phishing messages.
Bounce email
Set Bounce To to an email address where bounced messages should go. This value will not affect the message your targets see.