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Beacon HTTP

Beacon HTTP(S)

HTTP Hosts
List of hosts, separated by a coma.
Can be IPv4 (, IPv6 ([::1]), or domains (abcdef.tld)
HTTP Host (Stager)
Host of the HTTP Stager for the HTTP Beacon.
This value is only used if you pair this payload with an attack that requires an explicit stager.
Select a Malleable C2 profile variant. A variant is a way of specifying multiple profile variations in one file. With variants, each HTTP or HTTPS listener you setup can have different network indicators.
HTTP Port (C2)
Port your HTTP Beacon will phone home to. The HTTP Port (Bind) field specifies the port your HTTP Beacon payload web server will bind to. These options are useful if you want to setup port bending redirectors (e.g., a redirector that accepts connections on port 80 or 443 but routes the connection to your team server on another port).
HTTP Port (Bind)
HTTP Host Header
If specified, this value is propagated to your HTTP stagers and through your HTTP communication.
to facilitate domain fronting setup (you're no longer required to set it up in the malleable C2 profile)
HTTP Proxy