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-c, --config=<FILE>
use FILE as configuration file
Default value/behaviour: /opt/dionaea/etc/dionaea.conf
-D, --daemonize
run as daemon
-g, --group=GROUP
switch to GROUP after startup (use with -u)
Default value/behaviour: keep current group
-G, --garbage=[collect|debug]
garbage collect, usefull to debug memory leaks,
does NOT work with valgrind
-h, --help
display help
-H, --large-help
display help with default values
-l, --log-levels=<WHAT>
which levels to log, valid values
all, debug, info, message, warning, critical, error
combine using ',', exclude with - prefix
-L, --log-domains=<WHAT>
which domains use * and ? wildcards, combine using ',',
exclude using -
-u, --user=<USER>
switch to USER after startup
Default value/behaviour: keep current user
-p, --pid-file=<FILE>
write pid to file
-r, --chroot=DIR
chroot to DIR after startup
Default value/behaviour: don't chroot
-V, --version
show version
-w, --workingdir=<DIR>
set the process' working dir to DIR
Default value/behaviour: /opt/dionaea

Start dionaea

$ cd /opt/dionaea/bin/
$ sudo ./dionaea -D -u dionaea -g dionaea \
   -r /opt/dionaea -w /opt/dionaea \
   -p /opt/dionaea/var/run/dionaea.pid

Then check that the process is running and that there is no error:

$ ps aux | grep dionaea
dionaea   8678  3.1  0.8  40452 16876 ?        Ssl  06:58   0:26 ./dionaea -D -u dionaea -g dionaea -r /opt/dionaea -w /opt/dionaea -p /opt/dionaea/var/run/dionaea.pid
$ ls -l /opt/dionaea/var/log/dionaea-errors.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Mar 21 06:58 /opt/dionaea/var/log/dionaea-errors.log