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Flare processes an SWF and extracts all scripts from it. The output is written to a single text file. Only ActionScript is extracted, no text or images.

Flare is freeware and supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


$ mkdir /data/tools/flare/
$ cd /data/tools/flare/
$ wget http://www.nowrap.de/download/flare06linux.tgz
$ tar xzvf flare06linux.tgz


Usage: flare filename.swf


Simply run flare with the SWF file to analyze, as follows:

$ flare zoxdgeysjn6.swf 

The above command creates a *.flr file:

$ cat zoxdgeysjn6.flr 
movie 'zoxdgeysjn6.swf' {
// flash 6, total frames: 136, frame rate: 12 fps, 1x1 px, compressed
  // unknown tag 88 length 78

  frame 15 {
    getURL('http://moyapodruzhka.com/?wmid=44&sid=44', );


The biggest limitation with flare is that it only supports old versions of ActionScript (lower than ActionScript 3).

Our example is about a Flash file that is using ActionScript 3 (refer to this table)

$ file clipboard-poc.swf 
clipboard-poc.swf: Macromedia Flash data (compressed), version 9

As you can see, flare is not able to help us because of this limitation (ActionScript 3 not supported):

$ flare clipboard-poc.swf 
$ cat clipboard-poc.flr 
movie 'clipboard-poc.swf' {
// flash 9, total frames: 1, frame rate: 12 fps, 550x400 px, compressed
  // unknown tag 86 length 11
  // unknown tag 82 length 515
  // unknown tag 76 length 26