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What is Google?

Who today does not know Google? Google is first and foremost a company (Google Inc.) was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who had set a goal of organizing information globally. Today, Google is known for its search engine, but the company offers a suite of online tools (Calendar, Blogger, Docs, Gmail, Groups, Picasa, Reader, Sites, SketchUp, Talk, English, YouTube, Mobile , Maps, Pack, News, Alerts, directory, Toolbar, Google Chrome, Desktop, Earth, iGoogle, Images, Books) which continues to expand and also its own operating system (Chrome OS).

Google index

To supply the basic indexing Google , robots, called "bots" regularly travel pages on the Internet looking for new links, allowing them to discover new pages will be added to the Google index.

In addition, Google also provides a database archive , called "cache" . When a website is inaccessible for example, or a page has been removed from a Web site, it is always possible to access through the cache function of Google search results .

  • The " Google bots " programs are hosted on Google servers , which run Web pages looking for new content, new links. The passage of these "bots" is called "Google dance" .
  • The Google index is based on information reported by the " bots " . Google is the search engine with the largest index in the world ( billions of pages: see ) . For each page indexed , Google combines similar content and calculates poiur each area a PR ( Page Rank ) , a guarded secret formula partly by the publisher. This is the position of PR for positioning the pages in the results of a Google search.
  • Cache: For each page covered, Google keeps in its database " cache " 101k of text data (also HTML, DOC , PDF , PPT, ... )
  • The Google API is a small external program offered by Google and allows developers to integrate remote query capabilities of search engine. To use it , you must have a free license key ( supplied by Google). Each key can be queried 1,000 searches per day .
By default, when you enter the address, you are automatically redirected to the address of the local Google server. To force a consultation other than your country of origin Google server, just add "/ ncr" after the address. For example, to visit the Google page in German, simply enter

Advanced Syntax

Google has a high level language to filter the search results. The following table provides some of the available keywords.

For more information, visit
Directive Description Example
site:domain Displays a list of all links associated with the domain name port displays a list of all pages contained in the portal and containing the keyword "port"
link:page Displays the list of sites that link to the target site displays the list of sites referring to
intitle:terms Search pages where keywords are specified in the list of terms To check the qe site does not contain indexed directory listing the contents of its files, we can use the following syntax: intitle: "index of"
related:site Provides a list of related links (Google algorithm) site provided parameter provides a list of links to similar
cache:page Allows you to search a page in Google's cache
filetype:extension Allows you to filter the links of research based on an extension filetype:pdf displays the list of PDF documents present on
rphonebook: name and city or country Allows querying in the telephone directory for residents (U.S.) rphonebook:william saw NY
bphonebook: name and city or country Can query the directory business (U.S.) bphonebook:bob robinson LA
phonebook: name and city or country Interviewed both directories previously seen phonebook:william shakespeare
Literal correspondence ("") Includes all words provided in quotes in the order "taking fingerprint" provides a list of pages that deal with the impression, not the impression or two individual words (socket, footprint).
Exclusion operator (-)
Inclusion operator (+)
Synonyms (~) Allows research with oncoming words Search powerpoint ~ help will research powerpoint AND help or tips, faq, tutorial, etc..
info:domain Provides information about an area