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This section/article is being written and is therefore not complete.
Thank you for your comprehension.
  • arp: manipulates system ARP cache
  • ctstat: see lnstat
  • dhclient
  • dig: DNS lookup utility
  • dumpcap: dumps network traffic
  • finger: user information lookup program
  • fping: sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
  • gethostip: converts an IP address into various formats
  • getmac
  • host: DNS lookup utility
  • hostname: hostname resolution description
  • ifconfig: configures a network interface
  • ifdown: brings a network interface down
  • ifup: brings a network interface up
  • ip: shows / manipulates routing, devices, policy routing and tunnels
  • ipconfig: configures a network interface
  • iwconfig: configures a network interface
  • iwgetid: Reports ESSID, NWID or AP/Cell Address of wireless network
  • iwpriv: configures optionals (private) parameters of a wireless
  • lnstat: unified linux network statistics
  • nbstat
  • netsh
  • netstat: shows network connexions, routing, interfaces variables
  • netwatch: part of netdiag package
  • nslookup: queries Internet name servers interactively
  • pathping
  • ping: sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts
  • rarp: manipulates system ARP cache
  • route: shows / manipulates IP routing (Also available in french)
  • statnet: part of netdiag package
  • strobe: part of netdiag package
  • tcpblast: part of netdiag package
  • tcpspray: part of netdiag package
  • telnet: user interface to the TELNET protocol
  • traceroute: traces path to a network host
  • tracert: traces path to a network host
  • trafshow: part of netdiag package
  • whois: queries host information from whois databases (Also available in french)