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Thanks to STFLightning for the translation (text originally written in French).



WebScarab is a proxy used to intercept all incoming and outgoing requests, leaving the possibility to change the content on the fly. It's many plugins (analysis of WebServices, list of links, extensions, vulnerability analysis XSS / CRLF, analysis sessions, automate tasks by scripting, filtering extensions, commentary and analysis scripts in a page, fuzzing, distance editing, pattern matching based on regular expressions) make it a very interesting audit tool for securing Web applications.


4. Menu
4.1. File
4.2. View
4.3. Tools
4.4. Help
4.5. Memory
5. Tabs
5.1. Summary
5.3. Proxy
5.3.1. Listeners
5.3.3. Bean Shell
5.6. Spider
5.9.1. Collection
5.9.2. Analysis
5.10. Scripted
5.11. Fragments
5.12. Fuzzer
5.13. Compare
5.14. Search