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pdfwalker is the GUI version of Origami


Launch Origami GUI

To use the Graphical User Interface (GUI), launch the following command:

$ pdfwalker <pdfname.pdf> &

where pdfname.pdf is the name of the PDF to analyze. It will display a similar window:


File Document Help
  • Open
  • Last opened
  • Deserialize
  • Refresh
  • Close
  • Save As
  • Serialize
  • Quit
  • Find
  • Jump To Catalog
  • Jump To Revision
  • Jump To Page
  • Jump To Object
  • Sign th document
  • Enable Usage Rights
  • Properties
  • Profiling (Debug purposes only)
  • About


To look for a specific string (e.g. "JavaScript"), go to Document > Search and enter the terms to search for. It will go to the first occurence of the searcheed string:

Jump to an object

YOu can directly jump to an object by selecting "Jump to object" from the "Document" menu:

Dump stream