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Port/Proto Nom Description
10001/tcp scp-config SCP Configuration Port
10001/udp scp-config SCP Configuration Port
10002/tcp documentum EMC-Documentum Content Server Product
10002/udp documentum EMC-Documentum Content Server Product
10003/tcp documentum_s EMC-Documentum Content Server Product
10003/udp documentum_s EMC-Documentum Content Server Product
10004/tcp emcrmirccd EMC Replication Manager Client
10005/tcp emcrmird EMC Replication Manager Server
10007/tcp mvs-capacity MVS Capacity
10007/udp mvs-capacity MVS Capacity
10008/tcp octopus Octopus Multiplexer
10008/udp octopus Octopus Multiplexer
10009/tcp swdtp-sv Systemwalker Desktop Patrol
10009/udp swdtp-sv Systemwalker Desktop Patrol
10010/tcp rxapi ooRexx rxapi services
10050/tcp zabbix-agent Zabbix Agent
10050/udp zabbix-agent Zabbix Agent
10051/tcp zabbix-trapper Zabbix Trapper
10051/udp zabbix-trapper Zabbix Trapper
10080/tcp amanda Amanda
10080/udp amanda Amanda
10081/tcp famdc FAM Archive Server
10081/udp famdc FAM Archive Server
10100/tcp itap-ddtp VERITAS ITAP DDTP
10100/udp itap-ddtp VERITAS ITAP DDTP
10101/tcp ezmeeting-2 eZmeeting
10101/udp ezmeeting-2 eZmeeting
10102/tcp ezproxy-2 eZproxy
10102/udp ezproxy-2 eZproxy
10103/tcp ezrelay eZrelay
10103/udp ezrelay eZrelay
10104/tcp swdtp Systemwalker Desktop Patrol
10104/udp swdtp Systemwalker Desktop Patrol
10110/tcp nmea-0183 NMEA-0183 Navigational Data
10110/udp nmea-0183 NMEA-0183 Navigational Data
10113/tcp netiq-endpoint NetIQ Endpoint
10113/udp netiq-endpoint NetIQ Endpoint
10114/tcp netiq-qcheck NetIQ Qcheck
10114/udp netiq-qcheck NetIQ Qcheck
10115/tcp netiq-endpt NetIQ Endpoint
10115/udp netiq-endpt NetIQ Endpoint
10116/tcp netiq-voipa NetIQ VoIP Assessor
10116/udp netiq-voipa NetIQ VoIP Assessor
10128/tcp bmc-perf-sd BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON
10128/udp bmc-perf-sd BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON
10129/tcp bmc-gms BMC General Manager Server
10160/tcp qb-db-server QB Database Server
10160/udp qb-db-server QB Database Server
10200/tcp trisoap Trigence AE Soap Service
10200/udp trisoap Trigence AE Soap Service