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Port/Proto Nom Description
1010/tcp surf surf
1010/udp surf surf
1023/tcp Reserved
1023/udp Reserved
1024/tcp Reserved
1024/udp Reserved
1025/tcp blackjack network blackjack
1025/udp blackjack network blackjack
1026/tcp cap Calendar Access Protocol
1026/udp cap Calendar Access Protocol
1029/tcp solid-mux Solid Mux Server
1029/udp solid-mux Solid Mux Server
1030/tcp iad1 BBN IAD
1030/udp iad1 BBN IAD
1031/tcp iad2 BBN IAD
1031/udp iad2 BBN IAD
1032/tcp iad3 BBN IAD
1032/udp iad3 BBN IAD
1033/tcp netinfo-local local netinfo port
1033/udp netinfo-local local netinfo port
1034/tcp activesync ActiveSync Notifications
1034/udp activesync ActiveSync Notifications
1035/tcp mxxrlogin MX-XR RPC
1035/udp mxxrlogin MX-XR RPC
1036/tcp nsstp Nebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol
1036/udp nsstp Nebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol
1037/tcp ams AMS
1037/udp ams AMS
1038/tcp mtqp Message Tracking Query Protocol
1038/udp mtqp Message Tracking Query Protocol
1039/tcp sbl Streamlined Blackhole
1039/udp sbl Streamlined Blackhole
1040/tcp netarx Netarx Netcare
1040/udp netarx Netarx Netcare
1041/tcp danf-ak2 AK2 Product
1041/udp danf-ak2 AK2 Product
1042/tcp afrog Subnet Roaming
1042/udp afrog Subnet Roaming
1043/tcp boinc-client BOINC Client Control
1043/udp boinc-client BOINC Client Control
1044/tcp dcutility Dev Consortium Utility
1044/udp dcutility Dev Consortium Utility
1045/tcp fpitp Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol
1045/udp fpitp Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol
1046/tcp wfremotertm WebFilter Remote Monitor
1046/udp wfremotertm WebFilter Remote Monitor
1049/tcp td-postman Tobit David Postman VPMN
1049/udp td-postman Tobit David Postman VPMN
1050/tcp cma CORBA Management Agent
1050/udp cma CORBA Management Agent
1051/tcp optima-vnet Optima VNET
1051/udp optima-vnet Optima VNET
1052/tcp ddt Dynamic DNS Tools
1052/udp ddt Dynamic DNS Tools
1054/tcp brvread BRVREAD
1054/udp brvread BRVREAD
1055/tcp ansyslmd ANSYS - License Manager
1055/udp ansyslmd ANSYS - License Manager
1056/tcp vfo VFO
1056/udp vfo VFO
1057/tcp startron STARTRON
1057/udp startron STARTRON
1058/tcp nim nim
1058/udp nim nim
1059/tcp nimreg nimreg
1059/udp nimreg nimreg
1060/tcp polestar POLESTAR
1060/udp polestar POLESTAR
1061/tcp kiosk KIOSK
1061/udp kiosk KIOSK
1062/tcp veracity Veracity
1062/udp veracity Veracity
1063/tcp kyoceranetdev KyoceraNetDev
1063/udp kyoceranetdev KyoceraNetDev
1064/tcp jstel JSTEL
1064/udp jstel JSTEL
1065/tcp syscomlan SYSCOMLAN
1065/udp syscomlan SYSCOMLAN
1066/tcp fpo-fns FPO-FNS
1066/udp fpo-fns FPO-FNS
1069/tcp cognex-insight COGNEX-INSIGHT
1069/udp cognex-insight COGNEX-INSIGHT
1070/tcp gmrupdateserv GMRUpdateSERV
1070/udp gmrupdateserv GMRUpdateSERV
1071/tcp bsquare-voip BSQUARE-VOIP
1071/udp bsquare-voip BSQUARE-VOIP
1072/tcp cardax CARDAX
1072/udp cardax CARDAX
1073/tcp bridgecontrol Bridge Control
1073/udp bridgecontrol Bridge Control
1074/tcp warmspotMgmt Warmspot Management Protocol
1074/udp warmspotMgmt Warmspot Management Protocol
1075/tcp rdrmshc RDRMSHC
1075/udp rdrmshc RDRMSHC
1076/tcp dab-sti-c DAB STI-C
1076/udp dab-sti-c DAB STI-C
1077/tcp imgames IMGames
1077/udp imgames IMGames
1078/tcp avocent-proxy Avocent Proxy Protocol
1078/udp avocent-proxy Avocent Proxy Protocol
1079/tcp asprovatalk ASPROVATalk
1079/udp asprovatalk ASPROVATalk
1080/tcp socks Socks
1080/udp socks Socks
1081/tcp pvuniwien PVUNIWIEN
1081/udp pvuniwien PVUNIWIEN
1082/tcp amt-esd-prot AMT-ESD-PROT
1082/udp amt-esd-prot AMT-ESD-PROT
1083/tcp ansoft-lm-1 Anasoft License Manager
1083/udp ansoft-lm-1 Anasoft License Manager
1084/tcp ansoft-lm-2 Anasoft License Manager
1084/udp ansoft-lm-2 Anasoft License Manager
1085/tcp webobjects Web Objects
1085/udp webobjects Web Objects
1086/tcp cplscrambler-lg CPL Scrambler Logging
1086/udp cplscrambler-lg CPL Scrambler Logging
1087/tcp cplscrambler-in CPL Scrambler Internal
1087/udp cplscrambler-in CPL Scrambler Internal
1088/tcp cplscrambler-al CPL Scrambler Alarm Log
1088/udp cplscrambler-al CPL Scrambler Alarm Log
1089/tcp ff-annunc FF Annunciation
1089/udp ff-annunc FF Annunciation
1090/tcp ff-fms FF Fieldbus Message Specification
1090/udp ff-fms FF Fieldbus Message Specification
1091/tcp ff-sm FF System Management
1091/udp ff-sm FF System Management
1092/tcp obrpd Open Business Reporting Protocol
1092/udp obrpd Open Business Reporting Protocol
1093/tcp proofd PROOFD
1093/udp proofd PROOFD
1094/tcp rootd ROOTD
1094/udp rootd ROOTD
1095/tcp nicelink NICELink
1095/udp nicelink NICELink
1096/tcp cnrprotocol Common Name Resolution Protocol
1096/udp cnrprotocol Common Name Resolution Protocol
1097/tcp sunclustermgr Sun Cluster Manager
1097/udp sunclustermgr Sun Cluster Manager
1098/tcp rmiactivation RMI Activation
1098/udp rmiactivation RMI Activation
1099/tcp rmiregistry RMI Registry
1099/udp rmiregistry RMI Registry
1100/tcp mctp MCTP
1100/udp mctp MCTP
1101/tcp pt2-discover PT2-DISCOVER
1101/udp pt2-discover PT2-DISCOVER
1102/tcp adobeserver-1 ADOBE SERVER 1
1102/udp adobeserver-1 ADOBE SERVER 1
1103/tcp adobeserver-2 ADOBE SERVER 2
1103/udp adobeserver-2 ADOBE SERVER 2
1104/tcp xrl XRL
1104/udp xrl XRL
1105/tcp ftranhc FTRANHC
1105/udp ftranhc FTRANHC
1106/tcp isoipsigport-1 ISOIPSIGPORT-1
1106/udp isoipsigport-1 ISOIPSIGPORT-1
1107/tcp isoipsigport-2 ISOIPSIGPORT-2
1107/udp isoipsigport-2 ISOIPSIGPORT-2
1108/tcp ratio-adp ratio-adp
1108/udp ratio-adp ratio-adp
1110/tcp webadmstart Start web admin server
1110/udp nfsd-keepalive Client status info
1111/tcp lmsocialserver LM Social Server
1111/udp lmsocialserver LM Social Server
1112/tcp icp Intelligent Communication Protocol
1112/udp icp Intelligent Communication Protocol
1113/tcp ltp-deepspace Licklider Transmission Protocol
1113/udp ltp-deepspace Licklider Transmission Protocol
1114/tcp mini-sql Mini SQL
1114/udp mini-sql Mini SQL
1115/tcp ardus-trns ARDUS Transfer
1115/udp ardus-trns ARDUS Transfer
1116/tcp ardus-cntl ARDUS Control
1116/udp ardus-cntl ARDUS Control
1117/tcp ardus-mtrns ARDUS Multicast Transfer
1117/udp ardus-mtrns ARDUS Multicast Transfer
1118/tcp sacred SACRED
1118/udp sacred SACRED
1121/tcp rmpp Datalode RMPP
1121/udp rmpp Datalode RMPP
1122/tcp availant-mgr availant-mgr
1122/udp availant-mgr availant-mgr
1123/tcp murray Murray
1123/udp murray Murray
1124/tcp hpvmmcontrol HP VMM Control
1124/udp hpvmmcontrol HP VMM Control
1125/tcp hpvmmagent HP VMM Agent
1125/udp hpvmmagent HP VMM Agent
1126/tcp hpvmmdata HP VMM Agent
1126/udp hpvmmdata HP VMM Agent
1127/tcp kwdb-commn KWDB Remote Communication
1127/udp kwdb-commn KWDB Remote Communication
1130/tcp casp CAC App Service Protocol
1130/udp casp CAC App Service Protocol
1131/tcp caspssl CAC App Service Protocol Encripted
1131/udp caspssl CAC App Service Protocol Encripted
1132/tcp kvm-via-ip KVM-via-IP Management Service
1132/udp kvm-via-ip KVM-via-IP Management Service
1133/tcp dfn Data Flow Network
1133/udp dfn Data Flow Network
1134/tcp aplx MicroAPL APLX
1134/udp aplx MicroAPL APLX
1135/tcp omnivision OmniVision Communication Service
1135/udp omnivision OmniVision Communication Service
1136/tcp hhb-gateway HHB Gateway Control
1136/udp hhb-gateway HHB Gateway Control
1137/tcp trim TRIM Workgroup Service
1137/udp trim TRIM Workgroup Service
1138/tcp encrypted_admin encrypted admin requests
1138/udp encrypted_admin encrypted admin requests
1139/tcp evm Enterprise Virtual Manager
1139/udp evm Enterprise Virtual Manager
1140/tcp autonoc AutoNOC Network Operations Protocol
1140/udp autonoc AutoNOC Network Operations Protocol
1141/tcp mxomss User Message Service
1141/udp mxomss User Message Service
1142/tcp edtools User Discovery Service
1142/udp edtools User Discovery Service
1143/tcp imyx Infomatryx Exchange
1143/udp imyx Infomatryx Exchange
1144/tcp fuscript Fusion Script
1144/udp fuscript Fusion Script
1145/tcp x9-icue X9 iCue Show Control
1145/udp x9-icue X9 iCue Show Control
1146/tcp audit-transfer audit transfer
1146/udp audit-transfer audit transfer
1147/tcp capioverlan CAPIoverLAN
1147/udp capioverlan CAPIoverLAN
1148/tcp elfiq-repl Elfiq Replication Service
1148/udp elfiq-repl Elfiq Replication Service
1149/tcp bvtsonar BVT Sonar Service
1149/udp bvtsonar BVT Sonar Service
1150/tcp blaze Blaze File Server
1150/udp blaze Blaze File Server
1151/tcp unizensus Unizensus Login Server
1151/udp unizensus Unizensus Login Server
1152/tcp winpoplanmess Winpopup LAN Messenger
1152/udp winpoplanmess Winpopup LAN Messenger
1154/tcp resacommunity Community Service
1154/udp resacommunity Community Service
1155/tcp nfa Network File Access
1155/udp nfa Network File Access
1156/tcp iascontrol-oms iasControl OMS
1156/udp iascontrol-oms iasControl OMS
1157/tcp iascontrol Oracle iASControl
1157/udp iascontrol Oracle iASControl
1158/tcp dbcontrol-oms dbControl OMS
1158/udp dbcontrol-oms dbControl OMS
1159/tcp oracle-oms Oracle OMS
1159/udp oracle-oms Oracle OMS
1160/tcp olsv DB Lite Mult-User Server
1160/udp olsv DB Lite Mult-User Server
1161/tcp health-polling Health Polling
1161/udp health-polling Health Polling
1162/tcp health-trap Health Trap
1162/udp health-trap Health Trap
1163/tcp sddp SmartDialer Data Protocol
1163/udp sddp SmartDialer Data Protocol
1164/tcp qsm-proxy QSM Proxy Service
1164/udp qsm-proxy QSM Proxy Service
1165/tcp qsm-gui QSM GUI Service
1165/udp qsm-gui QSM GUI Service
1166/tcp qsm-remote QSM RemoteExec
1166/udp qsm-remote QSM RemoteExec
1167/tcp cisco-ipsla Cisco IP SLAs Control Protocol
1167/udp cisco-ipsla Cisco IP SLAs Control Protocol
1167/sctp cisco-ipsla Cisco IP SLAs Control Protocol
1168/tcp vchat VChat Conference Service
1168/udp vchat VChat Conference Service
1169/tcp tripwire TRIPWIRE
1169/udp tripwire TRIPWIRE
1172/tcp dnap DNA Protocol
1172/udp dnap DNA Protocol
1173/tcp d-cinema-rrp D-Cinema Request-Response
1173/udp d-cinema-rrp D-Cinema Request-Response
1174/tcp fnet-remote-ui FlashNet Remote Admin
1174/udp fnet-remote-ui FlashNet Remote Admin
1175/tcp dossier Dossier Server
1175/udp dossier Dossier Server
1176/tcp indigo-server Indigo Home Server
1176/udp indigo-server Indigo Home Server
1177/tcp dkmessenger DKMessenger Protocol
1177/udp dkmessenger DKMessenger Protocol
1178/tcp sgi-storman SGI Storage Manager
1178/udp sgi-storman SGI Storage Manager
1179/tcp b2n Backup To Neighbor
1179/udp b2n Backup To Neighbor
1180/tcp mc-client Millicent Client Proxy
1180/udp mc-client Millicent Client Proxy
1181/tcp 3comnetman 3Com Net Management
1181/udp 3comnetman 3Com Net Management
1182/tcp accelenet AcceleNet Control
1182/udp accelenet AcceleNet Control
1183/tcp llsurfup-http LL Surfup HTTP
1183/udp llsurfup-http LL Surfup HTTP
1184/tcp llsurfup-https LL Surfup HTTPS
1184/udp llsurfup-https LL Surfup HTTPS
1185/tcp catchpole Catchpole port
1185/udp catchpole Catchpole port
1186/tcp mysql-cluster MySQL Cluster Manager
1186/udp mysql-cluster MySQL Cluster Manager
1187/tcp alias Alias Service
1187/udp alias Alias Service
1188/tcp hp-webadmin HP Web Admin
1188/udp hp-webadmin HP Web Admin
1189/tcp unet Unet Connection
1189/udp unet Unet Connection
1191/tcp gpfs General Parallel File System
1191/udp gpfs General Parallel File System
1192/tcp caids-sensor caids sensors channel
1192/udp caids-sensor caids sensors channel
1193/tcp fiveacross Five Across Server
1193/udp fiveacross Five Across Server
1194/tcp OpenVPN OpenVPN
1194/udp OpenVPN OpenVPN
1195/tcp rsf-1 RSF-1 clustering
1195/udp rsf-1 RSF-1 clustering
1196/tcp netmagic Network Magic
1196/udp netmagic Network Magic
1197/tcp carrius-rshell Carrius Remote Access
1197/udp carrius-rshell Carrius Remote Access
1198/tcp cajo-discovery cajo reference discovery
1198/udp cajo-discovery cajo reference discovery
1199/tcp dmidi DMIDI
1199/udp dmidi DMIDI
1200/tcp scol SCOL
1200/udp scol SCOL