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Port/Proto Nom Description
1201/tcp nucleus-sand Nucleus Sand Database Server
1201/udp nucleus-sand Nucleus Sand Database Server
1202/tcp caiccipc caiccipc
1202/udp caiccipc caiccipc
1203/tcp ssslic-mgr License Validation
1203/udp ssslic-mgr License Validation
1204/tcp ssslog-mgr Log Request Listener
1204/udp ssslog-mgr Log Request Listener
1205/tcp accord-mgc Accord-MGC
1205/udp accord-mgc Accord-MGC
1206/tcp anthony-data Anthony Data
1206/udp anthony-data Anthony Data
1207/tcp metasage MetaSage
1207/udp metasage MetaSage
1208/tcp seagull-ais SEAGULL AIS
1208/udp seagull-ais SEAGULL AIS
1209/tcp ipcd3 IPCD3
1209/udp ipcd3 IPCD3
1210/tcp eoss EOSS
1210/udp eoss EOSS
1211/tcp groove-dpp Groove DPP
1211/udp groove-dpp Groove DPP
1212/tcp lupa lupa
1212/udp lupa lupa
1213/tcp mpc-lifenet MPC LIFENET
1213/udp mpc-lifenet MPC LIFENET
1214/tcp kazaa KAZAA
1214/udp kazaa KAZAA
1216/tcp etebac5 ETEBAC 5
1216/udp etebac5 ETEBAC 5
1217/tcp hpss-ndapi HPSS NonDCE Gateway
1217/udp hpss-ndapi HPSS NonDCE Gateway
1218/tcp aeroflight-ads AeroFlight-ADs
1218/udp aeroflight-ads AeroFlight-ADs
1219/tcp aeroflight-ret AeroFlight-Ret
1219/udp aeroflight-ret AeroFlight-Ret
1220/tcp qt-serveradmin QT SERVER ADMIN
1220/udp qt-serveradmin QT SERVER ADMIN
1221/tcp sweetware-apps SweetWARE Apps
1221/udp sweetware-apps SweetWARE Apps
1223/tcp tgp TrulyGlobal Protocol
1223/udp tgp TrulyGlobal Protocol
1224/tcp vpnz VPNz
1224/udp vpnz VPNz
1225/tcp slinkysearch SLINKYSEARCH
1225/udp slinkysearch SLINKYSEARCH
1226/tcp stgxfws STGXFWS
1226/udp stgxfws STGXFWS
1227/tcp dns2go DNS2Go
1227/udp dns2go DNS2Go
1228/tcp florence FLORENCE
1228/udp florence FLORENCE
1229/tcp zented ZENworks Tiered Electronic Distribution
1229/udp zented ZENworks Tiered Electronic Distribution
1230/tcp periscope Periscope
1230/udp periscope Periscope
1231/tcp menandmice-lpm menandmice-lpm
1231/udp menandmice-lpm menandmice-lpm
1233/tcp univ-appserver Universal App Server
1233/udp univ-appserver Universal App Server
1234/tcp search-agent Infoseek Search Agent
1234/udp search-agent Infoseek Search Agent
1235/tcp mosaicsyssvc1 mosaicsyssvc1
1235/udp mosaicsyssvc1 mosaicsyssvc1
1236/tcp bvcontrol bvcontrol
1236/udp bvcontrol bvcontrol
1237/tcp tsdos390 tsdos390
1237/udp tsdos390 tsdos390
1238/tcp hacl-qs hacl-qs
1238/udp hacl-qs hacl-qs
1239/tcp nmsd NMSD
1239/udp nmsd NMSD
1240/tcp instantia Instantia
1240/udp instantia Instantia
1241/tcp nessus nessus
1241/udp nessus nessus
1242/tcp nmasoverip NMAS over IP
1242/udp nmasoverip NMAS over IP
1243/tcp serialgateway SerialGateway
1243/udp serialgateway SerialGateway
1244/tcp isbconference1 isbconference1
1244/udp isbconference1 isbconference1
1245/tcp isbconference2 isbconference2
1245/udp isbconference2 isbconference2
1246/tcp payrouter payrouter
1246/udp payrouter payrouter
1247/tcp visionpyramid VisionPyramid
1247/udp visionpyramid VisionPyramid
1248/tcp hermes hermes
1248/udp hermes hermes
1249/tcp mesavistaco Mesa Vista Co
1249/udp mesavistaco Mesa Vista Co
1250/tcp swldy-sias swldy-sias
1250/udp swldy-sias swldy-sias
1251/tcp servergraph servergraph
1251/udp servergraph servergraph
1252/tcp bspne-pcc bspne-pcc
1252/udp bspne-pcc bspne-pcc
1253/tcp q55-pcc q55-pcc
1253/udp q55-pcc q55-pcc
1254/tcp de-noc de-noc
1254/udp de-noc de-noc
1255/tcp de-cache-query de-cache-query
1255/udp de-cache-query de-cache-query
1256/tcp de-server de-server
1256/udp de-server de-server
1257/tcp shockwave2 Shockwave 2
1257/udp shockwave2 Shockwave 2
1258/tcp opennl Open Network Library
1258/udp opennl Open Network Library
1259/tcp opennl-voice Open Network Library Voice
1259/udp opennl-voice Open Network Library Voice
1260/tcp ibm-ssd ibm-ssd
1260/udp ibm-ssd ibm-ssd
1261/tcp mpshrsv mpshrsv
1261/udp mpshrsv mpshrsv
1262/tcp qnts-orb QNTS-ORB
1262/udp qnts-orb QNTS-ORB
1263/tcp dka dka
1263/udp dka dka
1264/tcp prat PRAT
1264/udp prat PRAT
1265/tcp dssiapi DSSIAPI
1265/udp dssiapi DSSIAPI
1266/tcp dellpwrappks DELLPWRAPPKS
1266/udp dellpwrappks DELLPWRAPPKS
1267/tcp epc eTrust Policy Compliance
1267/udp epc eTrust Policy Compliance
1268/tcp propel-msgsys PROPEL-MSGSYS
1268/udp propel-msgsys PROPEL-MSGSYS
1269/tcp watilapp WATiLaPP
1269/udp watilapp WATiLaPP
1270/tcp opsmgr Microsoft Operations Manager
1270/udp opsmgr Microsoft Operations Manager
1271/tcp excw eXcW
1271/udp excw eXcW
1272/tcp cspmlockmgr CSPMLockMgr
1272/udp cspmlockmgr CSPMLockMgr
1273/tcp emc-gateway EMC-Gateway
1273/udp emc-gateway EMC-Gateway
1274/tcp t1distproc t1distproc
1274/udp t1distproc t1distproc
1275/tcp ivcollector ivcollector
1275/udp ivcollector ivcollector
1276/tcp ivmanager ivmanager
1276/udp ivmanager ivmanager
1277/tcp miva-mqs mqs
1277/udp miva-mqs mqs
1278/tcp dellwebadmin-1 Dell Web Admin 1
1278/udp dellwebadmin-1 Dell Web Admin 1
1279/tcp dellwebadmin-2 Dell Web Admin 2
1279/udp dellwebadmin-2 Dell Web Admin 2
1280/tcp pictrography Pictrography
1280/udp pictrography Pictrography
1281/tcp healthd healthd
1281/udp healthd healthd
1282/tcp emperion Emperion
1282/udp emperion Emperion
1283/tcp productinfo Product Information
1283/udp productinfo Product Information
1284/tcp iee-qfx IEE-QFX
1284/udp iee-qfx IEE-QFX
1285/tcp neoiface neoiface
1285/udp neoiface neoiface
1286/tcp netuitive netuitive
1286/udp netuitive netuitive
1287/tcp routematch RouteMatch Com
1287/udp routematch RouteMatch Com
1288/tcp navbuddy NavBuddy
1288/udp navbuddy NavBuddy
1289/tcp jwalkserver JWalkServer
1289/udp jwalkserver JWalkServer
1290/tcp winjaserver WinJaServer
1290/udp winjaserver WinJaServer
1291/tcp seagulllms SEAGULLLMS
1291/udp seagulllms SEAGULLLMS
1292/tcp dsdn dsdn
1292/udp dsdn dsdn
1293/tcp pkt-krb-ipsec PKT-KRB-IPSec
1293/udp pkt-krb-ipsec PKT-KRB-IPSec
1294/tcp cmmdriver CMMdriver
1294/udp cmmdriver CMMdriver
1295/tcp ehtp End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol
1295/udp ehtp End-by-Hop Transmission Protocol
1296/tcp dproxy dproxy
1296/udp dproxy dproxy
1297/tcp sdproxy sdproxy
1297/udp sdproxy sdproxy
1298/tcp lpcp lpcp
1298/udp lpcp lpcp
1299/tcp hp-sci hp-sci
1299/udp hp-sci hp-sci
1300/tcp h323hostcallsc H323 Host Call Secure
1300/udp h323hostcallsc H323 Host Call Secure
1301/tcp ci3-software-1 CI3-Software-1
1301/udp ci3-software-1 CI3-Software-1
1302/tcp ci3-software-2 CI3-Software-2
1302/udp ci3-software-2 CI3-Software-2
1303/tcp sftsrv sftsrv
1303/udp sftsrv sftsrv
1304/tcp boomerang Boomerang
1304/udp boomerang Boomerang
1305/tcp pe-mike pe-mike
1305/udp pe-mike pe-mike
1306/tcp re-conn-proto RE-Conn-Proto
1306/udp re-conn-proto RE-Conn-Proto
1307/tcp pacmand Pacmand
1307/udp pacmand Pacmand
1309/tcp jtag-server JTAG server
1309/udp jtag-server JTAG server
1310/tcp husky Husky
1310/udp husky Husky
1311/tcp rxmon RxMon
1311/udp rxmon RxMon
1312/tcp sti-envision STI Envision
1312/udp sti-envision STI Envision
1313/tcp bmc_patroldb BMC_PATROLDB
1313/udp bmc_patroldb BMC_PATROLDB
1314/tcp pdps Photoscript Distributed Printing System
1314/udp pdps Photoscript Distributed Printing System
1316/tcp exbit-escp Exbit-ESCP
1316/udp exbit-escp Exbit-ESCP
1317/tcp vrts-ipcserver vrts-ipcserver
1317/udp vrts-ipcserver vrts-ipcserver
1318/tcp krb5gatekeeper krb5gatekeeper
1318/udp krb5gatekeeper krb5gatekeeper
1319/tcp amx-icsp AMX-ICSP
1319/udp amx-icsp AMX-ICSP
1320/tcp amx-axbnet AMX-AXBNET
1320/udp amx-axbnet AMX-AXBNET
1321/tcp pip PIP
1321/udp pip PIP
1322/tcp novation Novation
1322/udp novation Novation
1323/tcp brcd brcd
1323/udp brcd brcd
1324/tcp delta-mcp delta-mcp
1324/udp delta-mcp delta-mcp
1325/tcp dx-instrument DX-Instrument
1325/udp dx-instrument DX-Instrument
1326/tcp wimsic WIMSIC
1326/udp wimsic WIMSIC
1327/tcp ultrex Ultrex
1327/udp ultrex Ultrex
1328/tcp ewall EWALL
1328/udp ewall EWALL
1329/tcp netdb-export netdb-export
1329/udp netdb-export netdb-export
1330/tcp streetperfect StreetPerfect
1330/udp streetperfect StreetPerfect
1331/tcp intersan intersan
1331/udp intersan intersan
1332/tcp pcia-rxp-b PCIA RXP-B
1332/udp pcia-rxp-b PCIA RXP-B
1333/tcp passwrd-policy Password Policy
1333/udp passwrd-policy Password Policy
1334/tcp writesrv writesrv
1334/udp writesrv writesrv
1335/tcp digital-notary Digital Notary Protocol
1335/udp digital-notary Digital Notary Protocol
1336/tcp ischat Instant Service Chat
1336/udp ischat Instant Service Chat
1337/tcp menandmice-dns menandmice DNS
1337/udp menandmice-dns menandmice DNS
1338/tcp wmc-log-svc WMC-log-svr
1338/udp wmc-log-svc WMC-log-svr
1339/tcp kjtsiteserver kjtsiteserver
1339/udp kjtsiteserver kjtsiteserver
1340/tcp naap NAAP
1340/udp naap NAAP
1341/tcp qubes QuBES
1341/udp qubes QuBES
1342/tcp esbroker ESBroker
1342/udp esbroker ESBroker
1343/tcp re101 re101
1343/udp re101 re101
1344/tcp icap ICAP
1344/udp icap ICAP
1345/tcp vpjp VPJP
1345/udp vpjp VPJP
1346/tcp alta-ana-lm Alta Analytics License Manager
1346/udp alta-ana-lm Alta Analytics License Manager
1347/tcp bbn-mmc multi media conferencing
1347/udp bbn-mmc multi media conferencing
1348/tcp bbn-mmx multi media conferencing
1348/udp bbn-mmx multi media conferencing
1349/tcp sbook Registration Network Protocol
1349/udp sbook Registration Network Protocol
1350/tcp editbench Registration Network Protocol
1350/udp editbench Registration Network Protocol
1352/tcp lotusnote Lotus Note
1352/udp lotusnote Lotus Note
1353/tcp relief Relief Consulting
1353/udp relief Relief Consulting
1354/tcp XSIP-network Five Across XSIP Network
1354/udp XSIP-network Five Across XSIP Network
1355/tcp intuitive-edge Intuitive Edge
1355/udp intuitive-edge Intuitive Edge
1356/tcp cuillamartin CuillaMartin Company
1356/udp cuillamartin CuillaMartin Company
1357/tcp pegboard Electronic PegBoard
1357/udp pegboard Electronic PegBoard
1358/tcp connlcli CONNLCLI
1358/udp connlcli CONNLCLI
1359/tcp ftsrv FTSRV
1359/udp ftsrv FTSRV
1360/tcp mimer MIMER
1360/udp mimer MIMER
1361/tcp linx LinX
1361/udp linx LinX
1362/tcp timeflies TimeFlies
1362/udp timeflies TimeFlies
1363/tcp ndm-requester Network DataMover Requester
1363/udp ndm-requester Network DataMover Requester
1364/tcp ndm-server Network DataMover Server
1364/udp ndm-server Network DataMover Server
1365/tcp adapt-sna Network Software Associates
1365/udp adapt-sna Network Software Associates
1366/tcp netware-csp Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform
1366/udp netware-csp Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform
1367/tcp dcs DCS
1367/udp dcs DCS
1368/tcp screencast ScreenCast
1368/udp screencast ScreenCast
1369/tcp gv-us GlobalView to Unix Shell
1369/udp gv-us GlobalView to Unix Shell
1370/tcp us-gv Unix Shell to GlobalView
1370/udp us-gv Unix Shell to GlobalView
1371/tcp fc-cli Fujitsu Config Protocol
1371/udp fc-cli Fujitsu Config Protocol
1372/tcp fc-ser Fujitsu Config Protocol
1372/udp fc-ser Fujitsu Config Protocol
1373/tcp chromagrafx Chromagrafx
1373/udp chromagrafx Chromagrafx
1374/tcp molly EPI Software Systems
1374/udp molly EPI Software Systems
1375/tcp bytex Bytex
1375/udp bytex Bytex
1376/tcp ibm-pps IBM Person to Person Software
1376/udp ibm-pps IBM Person to Person Software
1377/tcp cichlid Cichlid License Manager
1377/udp cichlid Cichlid License Manager
1378/tcp elan Elan License Manager
1378/udp elan Elan License Manager
1379/tcp dbreporter Integrity Solutions
1379/udp dbreporter Integrity Solutions
1380/tcp telesis-licman Telesis Network License Manager
1380/udp telesis-licman Telesis Network License Manager
1381/tcp apple-licman Apple Network License Manager
1381/udp apple-licman Apple Network License Manager
1382/tcp udt_os udt_os
1382/udp udt_os udt_os
1383/tcp gwha GW Hannaway Network License Manager
1383/udp gwha GW Hannaway Network License Manager
1384/tcp os-licman Objective Solutions License Manager
1384/udp os-licman Objective Solutions License Manager
1385/tcp atex_elmd Atex Publishing License Manager
1385/udp atex_elmd Atex Publishing License Manager
1386/tcp checksum CheckSum License Manager
1386/udp checksum CheckSum License Manager
1387/tcp cadsi-lm Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM
1387/udp cadsi-lm Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM
1388/tcp objective-dbc Objective Solutions DataBase Cache
1388/udp objective-dbc Objective Solutions DataBase Cache
1389/tcp iclpv-dm Document Manager
1389/udp iclpv-dm Document Manager
1390/tcp iclpv-sc Storage Controller
1390/udp iclpv-sc Storage Controller
1391/tcp iclpv-sas Storage Access Server
1391/udp iclpv-sas Storage Access Server
1392/tcp iclpv-pm Print Manager
1392/udp iclpv-pm Print Manager
1393/tcp iclpv-nls Network Log Server
1393/udp iclpv-nls Network Log Server
1394/tcp iclpv-nlc Network Log Client
1394/udp iclpv-nlc Network Log Client
1395/tcp iclpv-wsm PC Workstation Manager software
1395/udp iclpv-wsm PC Workstation Manager software
1396/tcp dvl-activemail DVL Active Mail
1396/udp dvl-activemail DVL Active Mail
1397/tcp audio-activmail Audio Active Mail
1397/udp audio-activmail Audio Active Mail
1398/tcp video-activmail Video Active Mail
1398/udp video-activmail Video Active Mail
1399/tcp cadkey-licman Cadkey License Manager
1399/udp cadkey-licman Cadkey License Manager
1400/tcp cadkey-tablet Cadkey Tablet Daemon
1400/udp cadkey-tablet Cadkey Tablet Daemon