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Port/Proto Nom Description
13818/tcp dsmcc-config DSMCC Config
13818/udp dsmcc-config DSMCC Config
13819/tcp dsmcc-session DSMCC Session Messages
13819/udp dsmcc-session DSMCC Session Messages
13820/tcp dsmcc-passthru DSMCC Pass-Thru Messages
13820/udp dsmcc-passthru DSMCC Pass-Thru Messages
13821/tcp dsmcc-download DSMCC Download Protocol
13821/udp dsmcc-download DSMCC Download Protocol
13822/tcp dsmcc-ccp DSMCC Channel Change Protocol
13822/udp dsmcc-ccp DSMCC Channel Change Protocol
13929/tcp dta-systems D-TA SYSTEMS
13929/udp dta-systems D-TA SYSTEMS
13930/tcp medevolve MedEvolve Port Requester
14000/tcp scotty-ft SCOTTY High-Speed Filetransfer
14000/udp scotty-ft SCOTTY High-Speed Filetransfer