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Port/Proto Nom Description
1601/tcp aas aas
1601/udp aas aas
1602/tcp inspect inspect
1602/udp inspect inspect
1603/tcp picodbc pickodbc
1603/udp picodbc pickodbc
1604/tcp icabrowser icabrowser
1604/udp icabrowser icabrowser
1607/tcp stt stt
1607/udp stt stt
1609/tcp isysg-lm isysg-lm
1609/udp isysg-lm isysg-lm
1610/tcp taurus-wh taurus-wh
1610/udp taurus-wh taurus-wh
1611/tcp ill Inter Library Loan
1611/udp ill Inter Library Loan
1612/tcp netbill-trans NetBill Transaction Server
1612/udp netbill-trans NetBill Transaction Server
1613/tcp netbill-keyrep NetBill Key Repository
1613/udp netbill-keyrep NetBill Key Repository
1614/tcp netbill-cred NetBill Credential Server
1614/udp netbill-cred NetBill Credential Server
1615/tcp netbill-auth NetBill Authorization Server
1615/udp netbill-auth NetBill Authorization Server
1616/tcp netbill-prod NetBill Product Server
1616/udp netbill-prod NetBill Product Server
1617/tcp nimrod-agent Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication
1617/udp nimrod-agent Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication
1618/tcp skytelnet skytelnet
1618/udp skytelnet skytelnet
1619/tcp xs-openstorage xs-openstorage
1619/udp xs-openstorage xs-openstorage
1620/tcp faxportwinport faxportwinport
1620/udp faxportwinport faxportwinport
1621/tcp softdataphone softdataphone
1621/udp softdataphone softdataphone
1622/tcp ontime ontime
1622/udp ontime ontime
1623/tcp jaleosnd jaleosnd
1623/udp jaleosnd jaleosnd
1624/tcp udp-sr-port udp-sr-port
1624/udp udp-sr-port udp-sr-port
1625/tcp svs-omagent svs-omagent
1625/udp svs-omagent svs-omagent
1626/tcp shockwave Shockwave
1626/udp shockwave Shockwave
1628/tcp lontalk-norm LonTalk normal
1628/udp lontalk-norm LonTalk normal
1629/tcp lontalk-urgnt LonTalk urgent
1629/udp lontalk-urgnt LonTalk urgent
1630/tcp oraclenet8cman Oracle Net8 Cman
1630/udp oraclenet8cman Oracle Net8 Cman
1631/tcp visitview Visit view
1631/udp visitview Visit view
1632/tcp pammratc PAMMRATC
1632/udp pammratc PAMMRATC
1633/tcp pammrpc PAMMRPC
1633/udp pammrpc PAMMRPC
1634/tcp loaprobe Log On America Probe
1634/udp loaprobe Log On America Probe
1635/tcp edb-server1 EDB Server 1
1635/udp edb-server1 EDB Server 1
1636/tcp isdc ISP shared public data control
1636/udp isdc ISP shared public data control
1637/tcp islc ISP shared local data control
1637/udp islc ISP shared local data control
1638/tcp ismc ISP shared management control
1638/udp ismc ISP shared management control
1639/tcp cert-initiator cert-initiator
1639/udp cert-initiator cert-initiator
1640/tcp cert-responder cert-responder
1640/udp cert-responder cert-responder
1641/tcp invision InVision
1641/udp invision InVision
1642/tcp isis-am isis-am
1642/udp isis-am isis-am
1643/tcp isis-ambc isis-ambc
1643/udp isis-ambc isis-ambc
1644/tcp saiseh Satellite-data Acquisition System 4
1645/tcp sightline SightLine
1645/udp sightline SightLine
1646/tcp sa-msg-port sa-msg-port
1646/udp sa-msg-port sa-msg-port
1647/tcp rsap rsap
1647/udp rsap rsap
1648/tcp concurrent-lm concurrent-lm
1648/udp concurrent-lm concurrent-lm
1649/tcp kermit kermit
1649/udp kermit kermit
1650/tcp nkd nkdn
1650/udp nkd nkd
1651/tcp shiva_confsrvr shiva_confsrvr
1651/udp shiva_confsrvr shiva_confsrvr
1652/tcp xnmp xnmp
1652/udp xnmp xnmp
1653/tcp alphatech-lm alphatech-lm
1653/udp alphatech-lm alphatech-lm
1654/tcp stargatealerts stargatealerts
1654/udp stargatealerts stargatealerts
1655/tcp dec-mbadmin dec-mbadmin
1655/udp dec-mbadmin dec-mbadmin
1656/tcp dec-mbadmin-h dec-mbadmin-h
1656/udp dec-mbadmin-h dec-mbadmin-h
1657/tcp fujitsu-mmpdc fujitsu-mmpdc
1657/udp fujitsu-mmpdc fujitsu-mmpdc
1658/tcp sixnetudr sixnetudr
1658/udp sixnetudr sixnetudr
1659/tcp sg-lm Silicon Grail License Manager
1659/udp sg-lm Silicon Grail License Manager
1660/tcp skip-mc-gikreq skip-mc-gikreq
1660/udp skip-mc-gikreq skip-mc-gikreq
1661/tcp netview-aix-1 netview-aix-1
1661/udp netview-aix-1 netview-aix-1
1662/tcp netview-aix-2 netview-aix-2
1662/udp netview-aix-2 netview-aix-2
1663/tcp netview-aix-3 netview-aix-3
1663/udp netview-aix-3 netview-aix-3
1664/tcp netview-aix-4 netview-aix-4
1664/udp netview-aix-4 netview-aix-4
1665/tcp netview-aix-5 netview-aix-5
1665/udp netview-aix-5 netview-aix-5
1666/tcp netview-aix-6 netview-aix-6
1666/udp netview-aix-6 netview-aix-6
1667/tcp netview-aix-7 netview-aix-7
1667/udp netview-aix-7 netview-aix-7
1668/tcp netview-aix-8 netview-aix-8
1668/udp netview-aix-8 netview-aix-8
1669/tcp netview-aix-9 netview-aix-9
1669/udp netview-aix-9 netview-aix-9
1670/tcp netview-aix-10 netview-aix-10
1670/udp netview-aix-10 netview-aix-10
1671/tcp netview-aix-11 netview-aix-11
1671/udp netview-aix-11 netview-aix-11
1672/tcp netview-aix-12 netview-aix-12
1672/udp netview-aix-12 netview-aix-12
1673/tcp proshare-mc-1 Intel Proshare Multicast
1673/udp proshare-mc-1 Intel Proshare Multicast
1674/tcp proshare-mc-2 Intel Proshare Multicast
1674/udp proshare-mc-2 Intel Proshare Multicast
1675/tcp pdp Pacific Data Products
1675/udp pdp Pacific Data Products
1676/tcp netcomm1 netcomm1
1676/udp netcomm2 netcomm2
1677/tcp groupwise groupwise
1677/udp groupwise groupwise
1678/tcp prolink prolink
1678/udp prolink prolink
1679/tcp darcorp-lm darcorp-lm
1679/udp darcorp-lm darcorp-lm
1680/tcp microcom-sbp microcom-sbp
1680/udp microcom-sbp microcom-sbp
1681/tcp sd-elmd sd-elmd
1681/udp sd-elmd sd-elmd
1682/tcp lanyon-lantern lanyon-lantern
1682/udp lanyon-lantern lanyon-lantern
1683/tcp ncpm-hip ncpm-hip
1683/udp ncpm-hip ncpm-hip
1684/tcp snaresecure SnareSecure
1684/udp snaresecure SnareSecure
1685/tcp n2nremote n2nremote
1685/udp n2nremote n2nremote
1686/tcp cvmon cvmon
1686/udp cvmon cvmon
1687/tcp nsjtp-ctrl nsjtp-ctrl
1687/udp nsjtp-ctrl nsjtp-ctrl
1688/tcp nsjtp-data nsjtp-data
1688/udp nsjtp-data nsjtp-data
1689/tcp firefox firefox
1689/udp firefox firefox
1690/tcp ng-umds ng-umds
1690/udp ng-umds ng-umds
1691/tcp empire-empuma empire-empuma
1691/udp empire-empuma empire-empuma
1692/tcp sstsys-lm sstsys-lm
1692/udp sstsys-lm sstsys-lm
1693/tcp rrirtr rrirtr
1693/udp rrirtr rrirtr
1694/tcp rrimwm rrimwm
1694/udp rrimwm rrimwm
1695/tcp rrilwm rrilwm
1695/udp rrilwm rrilwm
1696/tcp rrifmm rrifmm
1696/udp rrifmm rrifmm
1697/tcp rrisat rrisat
1697/udp rrisat rrisat
1698/tcp rsvp-encap-1 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1
1698/udp rsvp-encap-1 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1
1699/tcp rsvp-encap-2 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2
1699/udp rsvp-encap-2 RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2
1700/tcp mps-raft mps-raft
1700/udp mps-raft mps-raft
1701/tcp l2f l2f
1701/udp l2f l2f
1701/tcp l2tp l2tp
1701/udp l2tp l2tp
1702/tcp deskshare deskshare
1702/udp deskshare deskshare
1703/tcp hb-engine hb-engine
1703/udp hb-engine hb-engine
1704/tcp bcs-broker bcs-broker
1704/udp bcs-broker bcs-broker
1705/tcp slingshot slingshot
1705/udp slingshot slingshot
1706/tcp jetform jetform
1706/udp jetform jetform
1707/tcp vdmplay vdmplay
1707/udp vdmplay vdmplay
1708/tcp gat-lmd gat-lmd
1708/udp gat-lmd gat-lmd
1709/tcp centra centra
1709/udp centra centra
1710/tcp impera impera
1710/udp impera impera
1711/tcp pptconference pptconference
1711/udp pptconference pptconference
1712/tcp registrar resource monitoring service
1712/udp registrar resource monitoring service
1713/tcp conferencetalk ConferenceTalk
1713/udp conferencetalk ConferenceTalk
1714/tcp sesi-lm sesi-lm
1714/udp sesi-lm sesi-lm
1715/tcp houdini-lm houdini-lm
1715/udp houdini-lm houdini-lm
1716/tcp xmsg xmsg
1716/udp xmsg xmsg
1717/tcp fj-hdnet fj-hdnet
1717/udp fj-hdnet fj-hdnet
1718/tcp h323gatedisc h323gatedisc
1718/udp h323gatedisc h323gatedisc
1719/tcp h323gatestat h323gatestat
1719/udp h323gatestat h323gatestat
1720/tcp h323hostcall h323hostcall
1720/udp h323hostcall h323hostcall
1721/tcp caicci caicci
1721/udp caicci caicci
1722/tcp hks-lm HKS License Manager
1722/udp hks-lm HKS License Manager
1723/tcp pptp pptp
1723/udp pptp pptp
1724/tcp csbphonemaster csbphonemaster
1724/udp csbphonemaster csbphonemaster
1725/tcp iden-ralp iden-ralp
1725/udp iden-ralp iden-ralp
1726/tcp iberiagames IBERIAGAMES
1726/udp iberiagames IBERIAGAMES
1727/tcp winddx winddx
1727/udp winddx winddx
1728/tcp telindus TELINDUS
1728/udp telindus TELINDUS
1729/tcp citynl CityNL License Management
1729/udp citynl CityNL License Management
1730/tcp roketz roketz
1730/udp roketz roketz
1731/tcp msiccp MSICCP
1731/udp msiccp MSICCP
1732/tcp proxim proxim
1732/udp proxim proxim
1733/tcp siipat SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission
1733/udp siipat SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission
1734/tcp cambertx-lm Camber Corporation License Management
1734/udp cambertx-lm Camber Corporation License Management
1735/tcp privatechat PrivateChat
1735/udp privatechat PrivateChat
1736/tcp street-stream street-stream
1736/udp street-stream street-stream
1737/tcp ultimad ultimad
1737/udp ultimad ultimad
1738/tcp gamegen1 GameGen1
1738/udp gamegen1 GameGen1
1739/tcp webaccess webaccess
1739/udp webaccess webaccess
1740/tcp encore encore
1740/udp encore encore
1741/tcp cisco-net-mgmt cisco-net-mgmt
1741/udp cisco-net-mgmt cisco-net-mgmt
1742/tcp 3Com-nsd 3Com-nsd
1742/udp 3Com-nsd 3Com-nsd
1743/tcp cinegrfx-lm Cinema Graphics License Manager
1743/udp cinegrfx-lm Cinema Graphics License Manager
1744/tcp ncpm-ft ncpm-ft
1744/udp ncpm-ft ncpm-ft
1745/tcp remote-winsock remote-winsock
1745/udp remote-winsock remote-winsock
1746/tcp ftrapid-1 ftrapid-1
1746/udp ftrapid-1 ftrapid-1
1747/tcp ftrapid-2 ftrapid-2
1747/udp ftrapid-2 ftrapid-2
1748/tcp oracle-em1 oracle-em1
1748/udp oracle-em1 oracle-em1
1749/tcp aspen-services aspen-services
1749/udp aspen-services aspen-services
1751/tcp swiftnet SwiftNet
1751/udp swiftnet SwiftNet
1752/tcp lofr-lm Leap of Faith Research License Manager
1752/udp lofr-lm Leap of Faith Research License Manager
1754/tcp oracle-em2 oracle-em2
1754/udp oracle-em2 oracle-em2
1755/tcp ms-streaming ms-streaming
1755/udp ms-streaming ms-streaming
1756/tcp capfast-lmd capfast-lmd
1756/udp capfast-lmd capfast-lmd
1757/tcp cnhrp cnhrp
1757/udp cnhrp cnhrp
1758/tcp tftp-mcast tftp-mcast
1758/udp tftp-mcast tftp-mcast
1759/tcp spss-lm SPSS License Manager
1759/udp spss-lm SPSS License Manager
1760/tcp www-ldap-gw www-ldap-gw
1760/udp www-ldap-gw www-ldap-gw
1761/tcp cft-0 cft-0
1761/udp cft-0 cft-0
1762/tcp cft-1 cft-1
1762/udp cft-1 cft-1
1763/tcp cft-2 cft-2
1763/udp cft-2 cft-2
1764/tcp cft-3 cft-3
1764/udp cft-3 cft-3
1765/tcp cft-4 cft-4
1765/udp cft-4 cft-4
1766/tcp cft-5 cft-5
1766/udp cft-5 cft-5
1767/tcp cft-6 cft-6
1767/udp cft-6 cft-6
1768/tcp cft-7 cft-7
1768/udp cft-7 cft-7
1769/tcp bmc-net-adm bmc-net-adm
1769/udp bmc-net-adm bmc-net-adm
1770/tcp bmc-net-svc bmc-net-svc
1770/udp bmc-net-svc bmc-net-svc
1771/tcp vaultbase vaultbase
1771/udp vaultbase vaultbase
1772/tcp essweb-gw EssWeb Gateway
1772/udp essweb-gw EssWeb Gateway
1773/tcp kmscontrol KMSControl
1773/udp kmscontrol KMSControl
1774/tcp global-dtserv global-dtserv
1774/udp global-dtserv global-dtserv
1776/tcp femis Federal Emergency Management Information System
1776/udp femis Federal Emergency Management Information System
1777/tcp powerguardian powerguardian
1777/udp powerguardian powerguardian
1778/tcp prodigy-intrnet prodigy-internet
1778/udp prodigy-intrnet prodigy-internet
1779/tcp pharmasoft pharmasoft
1779/udp pharmasoft pharmasoft
1780/tcp dpkeyserv dpkeyserv
1780/udp dpkeyserv dpkeyserv
1781/tcp answersoft-lm answersoft-lm
1781/udp answersoft-lm answersoft-lm
1782/tcp hp-hcip hp-hcip
1782/udp hp-hcip hp-hcip
1784/tcp finle-lm Finle License Manager
1784/udp finle-lm Finle License Manager
1785/tcp windlm Wind River Systems License Manager
1785/udp windlm Wind River Systems License Manager
1786/tcp funk-logger funk-logger
1786/udp funk-logger funk-logger
1787/tcp funk-license funk-license
1787/udp funk-license funk-license
1788/tcp psmond psmond
1788/udp psmond psmond
1789/tcp hello hello
1789/udp hello hello
1790/tcp nmsp Narrative Media Streaming Protocol
1790/udp nmsp Narrative Media Streaming Protocol
1791/tcp ea1 EA1
1791/udp ea1 EA1
1792/tcp ibm-dt-2 ibm-dt-2
1792/udp ibm-dt-2 ibm-dt-2
1793/tcp rsc-robot rsc-robot
1793/udp rsc-robot rsc-robot
1794/tcp cera-bcm cera-bcm
1794/udp cera-bcm cera-bcm
1795/tcp dpi-proxy dpi-proxy
1795/udp dpi-proxy dpi-proxy
1796/tcp vocaltec-admin Vocaltec Server Administration
1796/udp vocaltec-admin Vocaltec Server Administration
1797/tcp uma UMA
1797/udp uma UMA
1798/tcp etp Event Transfer Protocol
1798/udp etp Event Transfer Protocol
1799/tcp netrisk NETRISK
1799/udp netrisk NETRISK
1800/tcp ansys-lm ANSYS-License manager
1800/udp ansys-lm ANSYS-License manager