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Port/Proto Nom Description
2601/tcp discp-client discp client
2601/udp discp-client discp client
2602/tcp discp-server discp server
2602/udp discp-server discp server
2603/tcp servicemeter Service Meter
2603/udp servicemeter Service Meter
2604/tcp nsc-ccs NSC CCS
2604/udp nsc-ccs NSC CCS
2605/tcp nsc-posa NSC POSA
2605/udp nsc-posa NSC POSA
2606/tcp netmon Dell Netmon
2606/udp netmon Dell Netmon
2607/tcp connection Dell Connection
2607/udp connection Dell Connection
2608/tcp wag-service Wag Service
2608/udp wag-service Wag Service
2609/tcp system-monitor System Monitor
2609/udp system-monitor System Monitor
2610/tcp versa-tek VersaTek
2610/udp versa-tek VersaTek
2611/tcp lionhead LIONHEAD
2611/udp lionhead LIONHEAD
2612/tcp qpasa-agent Qpasa Agent
2612/udp qpasa-agent Qpasa Agent
2613/tcp smntubootstrap SMNTUBootstrap
2613/udp smntubootstrap SMNTUBootstrap
2614/tcp neveroffline Never Offline
2614/udp neveroffline Never Offline
2615/tcp firepower firepower
2615/udp firepower firepower
2616/tcp appswitch-emp appswitch-emp
2616/udp appswitch-emp appswitch-emp
2617/tcp cmadmin Clinical Context Managers
2617/udp cmadmin Clinical Context Managers
2618/tcp priority-e-com Priority E-Com
2618/udp priority-e-com Priority E-Com
2619/tcp bruce bruce
2619/udp bruce bruce
2620/tcp lpsrecommender LPSRecommender
2620/udp lpsrecommender LPSRecommender
2621/tcp miles-apart Miles Apart Jukebox Server
2621/udp miles-apart Miles Apart Jukebox Server
2622/tcp metricadbc MetricaDBC
2622/udp metricadbc MetricaDBC
2623/tcp lmdp LMDP
2623/udp lmdp LMDP
2624/tcp aria Aria
2624/udp aria Aria
2625/tcp blwnkl-port Blwnkl Port
2625/udp blwnkl-port Blwnkl Port
2626/tcp gbjd816 gbjd816
2626/udp gbjd816 gbjd816
2627/tcp moshebeeri Moshe Beeri
2627/udp moshebeeri Moshe Beeri
2628/tcp dict DICT
2628/udp dict DICT
2629/tcp sitaraserver Sitara Server
2629/udp sitaraserver Sitara Server
2630/tcp sitaramgmt Sitara Management
2630/udp sitaramgmt Sitara Management
2631/tcp sitaradir Sitara Dir
2631/udp sitaradir Sitara Dir
2632/tcp irdg-post IRdg Post
2632/udp irdg-post IRdg Post
2633/tcp interintelli InterIntelli
2633/udp interintelli InterIntelli
2634/tcp pk-electronics PK Electronics
2634/udp pk-electronics PK Electronics
2635/tcp backburner Back Burner
2635/udp backburner Back Burner
2636/tcp solve Solve
2636/udp solve Solve
2637/tcp imdocsvc Import Document Service
2637/udp imdocsvc Import Document Service
2638/tcp sybaseanywhere Sybase Anywhere
2638/udp sybaseanywhere Sybase Anywhere
2639/tcp aminet AMInet
2639/udp aminet AMInet
2640/tcp sai_sentlm Sabbagh Associates Licence Manager
2640/udp sai_sentlm Sabbagh Associates Licence Manager
2641/tcp hdl-srv HDL Server
2641/udp hdl-srv HDL Server
2642/tcp tragic Tragic
2642/udp tragic Tragic
2643/tcp gte-samp GTE-SAMP
2643/udp gte-samp GTE-SAMP
2644/tcp travsoft-ipx-t Travsoft IPX Tunnel
2644/udp travsoft-ipx-t Travsoft IPX Tunnel
2645/tcp novell-ipx-cmd Novell IPX CMD
2645/udp novell-ipx-cmd Novell IPX CMD
2646/tcp and-lm AND License Manager
2646/udp and-lm AND License Manager
2647/tcp syncserver SyncServer
2647/udp syncserver SyncServer
2648/tcp upsnotifyprot Upsnotifyprot
2648/udp upsnotifyprot Upsnotifyprot
2649/tcp vpsipport VPSIPPORT
2649/udp vpsipport VPSIPPORT
2650/tcp eristwoguns eristwoguns
2650/udp eristwoguns eristwoguns
2651/tcp ebinsite EBInSite
2651/udp ebinsite EBInSite
2652/tcp interpathpanel InterPathPanel
2652/udp interpathpanel InterPathPanel
2653/tcp sonus Sonus
2653/udp sonus Sonus
2654/tcp corel_vncadmin Corel VNC Admin
2654/udp corel_vncadmin Corel VNC Admin
2655/tcp unglue UNIX Nt Glue
2655/udp unglue UNIX Nt Glue
2656/tcp kana Kana
2656/udp kana Kana
2657/tcp sns-dispatcher SNS Dispatcher
2657/udp sns-dispatcher SNS Dispatcher
2658/tcp sns-admin SNS Admin
2658/udp sns-admin SNS Admin
2659/tcp sns-query SNS Query
2659/udp sns-query SNS Query
2660/tcp gcmonitor GC Monitor
2660/udp gcmonitor GC Monitor
2661/tcp olhost OLHOST
2661/udp olhost OLHOST
2662/tcp bintec-capi BinTec-CAPI
2662/udp bintec-capi BinTec-CAPI
2663/tcp bintec-tapi BinTec-TAPI
2663/udp bintec-tapi BinTec-TAPI
2664/tcp patrol-mq-gm Patrol for MQ GM
2664/udp patrol-mq-gm Patrol for MQ GM
2665/tcp patrol-mq-nm Patrol for MQ NM
2665/udp patrol-mq-nm Patrol for MQ NM
2666/tcp extensis extensis
2666/udp extensis extensis
2667/tcp alarm-clock-s Alarm Clock Server
2667/udp alarm-clock-s Alarm Clock Server
2668/tcp alarm-clock-c Alarm Clock Client
2668/udp alarm-clock-c Alarm Clock Client
2669/tcp toad TOAD
2669/udp toad TOAD
2670/tcp tve-announce TVE Announce
2670/udp tve-announce TVE Announce
2671/tcp newlixreg newlixreg
2671/udp newlixreg newlixreg
2672/tcp nhserver nhserver
2672/udp nhserver nhserver
2673/tcp firstcall42 First Call 42
2673/udp firstcall42 First Call 42
2674/tcp ewnn ewnn
2674/udp ewnn ewnn
2675/tcp ttc-etap TTC ETAP
2675/udp ttc-etap TTC ETAP
2676/tcp simslink SIMSLink
2676/udp simslink SIMSLink
2677/tcp gadgetgate1way Gadget Gate 1 Way
2677/udp gadgetgate1way Gadget Gate 1 Way
2678/tcp gadgetgate2way Gadget Gate 2 Way
2678/udp gadgetgate2way Gadget Gate 2 Way
2679/tcp syncserverssl Sync Server SSL
2679/udp syncserverssl Sync Server SSL
2680/tcp pxc-sapxom pxc-sapxom
2680/udp pxc-sapxom pxc-sapxom
2681/tcp mpnjsomb mpnjsomb
2681/udp mpnjsomb mpnjsomb
2683/tcp ncdloadbalance NCDLoadBalance
2683/udp ncdloadbalance NCDLoadBalance
2684/tcp mpnjsosv mpnjsosv
2684/udp mpnjsosv mpnjsosv
2685/tcp mpnjsocl mpnjsocl
2685/udp mpnjsocl mpnjsocl
2686/tcp mpnjsomg mpnjsomg
2686/udp mpnjsomg mpnjsomg
2687/tcp pq-lic-mgmt pq-lic-mgmt
2687/udp pq-lic-mgmt pq-lic-mgmt
2688/tcp md-cg-http md-cf-http
2688/udp md-cg-http md-cf-http
2689/tcp fastlynx FastLynx
2689/udp fastlynx FastLynx
2690/tcp hp-nnm-data HP NNM Embedded Database
2690/udp hp-nnm-data HP NNM Embedded Database
2691/tcp itinternet ITInternet ISM Server
2691/udp itinternet ITInternet ISM Server
2692/tcp admins-lms Admins LMS
2692/udp admins-lms Admins LMS
2694/tcp pwrsevent pwrsevent
2694/udp pwrsevent pwrsevent
2695/tcp vspread VSPREAD
2695/udp vspread VSPREAD
2696/tcp unifyadmin Unify Admin
2696/udp unifyadmin Unify Admin
2697/tcp oce-snmp-trap Oce SNMP Trap Port
2697/udp oce-snmp-trap Oce SNMP Trap Port
2698/tcp mck-ivpip MCK-IVPIP
2698/udp mck-ivpip MCK-IVPIP
2699/tcp csoft-plusclnt Csoft Plus Client
2699/udp csoft-plusclnt Csoft Plus Client
2700/tcp tqdata tqdata
2700/udp tqdata tqdata
2701/tcp sms-rcinfo SMS RCINFO
2701/udp sms-rcinfo SMS RCINFO
2702/tcp sms-xfer SMS XFER
2702/udp sms-xfer SMS XFER
2703/tcp sms-chat SMS CHAT
2703/udp sms-chat SMS CHAT
2704/tcp sms-remctrl SMS REMCTRL
2704/udp sms-remctrl SMS REMCTRL
2705/tcp sds-admin SDS Admin
2705/udp sds-admin SDS Admin
2706/tcp ncdmirroring NCD Mirroring
2706/udp ncdmirroring NCD Mirroring
2707/tcp emcsymapiport EMCSYMAPIPORT
2707/udp emcsymapiport EMCSYMAPIPORT
2708/tcp banyan-net Banyan-Net
2708/udp banyan-net Banyan-Net
2709/tcp supermon Supermon
2709/udp supermon Supermon
2710/tcp sso-service SSO Service
2710/udp sso-service SSO Service
2711/tcp sso-control SSO Control
2711/udp sso-control SSO Control
2712/tcp aocp Axapta Object Communication Protocol
2712/udp aocp Axapta Object Communication Protocol
2713/tcp raventbs Raven Trinity Broker Service
2713/udp raventbs Raven Trinity Broker Service
2714/tcp raventdm Raven Trinity Data Mover
2714/udp raventdm Raven Trinity Data Mover
2715/tcp hpstgmgr2 HPSTGMGR2
2715/udp hpstgmgr2 HPSTGMGR2
2716/tcp inova-ip-disco Inova IP Disco
2716/udp inova-ip-disco Inova IP Disco
2717/tcp pn-requester PN REQUESTER
2717/udp pn-requester PN REQUESTER
2718/tcp pn-requester2 PN REQUESTER 2
2718/udp pn-requester2 PN REQUESTER 2
2720/tcp wkars wkars
2720/udp wkars wkars
2721/tcp smart-diagnose Smart Diagnose
2721/udp smart-diagnose Smart Diagnose
2722/tcp proactivesrvr Proactive Server
2722/udp proactivesrvr Proactive Server
2723/tcp watchdog-nt WatchDog NT Protocol
2723/udp watchdog-nt WatchDog NT Protocol
2724/tcp qotps qotps
2724/udp qotps qotps
2725/tcp msolap-ptp2 MSOLAP PTP2
2725/udp msolap-ptp2 MSOLAP PTP2
2726/tcp tams TAMS
2726/udp tams TAMS
2727/tcp mgcp-callagent Media Gateway Control Protocol Call Agent
2727/udp mgcp-callagent Media Gateway Control Protocol Call Agent
2728/tcp sqdr SQDR
2728/udp sqdr SQDR
2729/tcp tcim-control TCIM Control
2729/udp tcim-control TCIM Control
2730/tcp nec-raidplus NEC RaidPlus
2730/udp nec-raidplus NEC RaidPlus
2731/tcp fyre-messanger Fyre Messanger
2731/udp fyre-messanger Fyre Messagner
2732/tcp g5m G5M
2732/udp g5m G5M
2733/tcp signet-ctf Signet CTF
2733/udp signet-ctf Signet CTF
2734/tcp ccs-software CCS Software
2734/udp ccs-software CCS Software
2735/tcp netiq-mc NetIQ Monitor Console
2735/udp netiq-mc NetIQ Monitor Console
2736/tcp radwiz-nms-srv RADWIZ NMS SRV
2736/udp radwiz-nms-srv RADWIZ NMS SRV
2737/tcp srp-feedback SRP Feedback
2737/udp srp-feedback SRP Feedback
2738/tcp ndl-tcp-ois-gw NDL TCP-OSI Gateway
2738/udp ndl-tcp-ois-gw NDL TCP-OSI Gateway
2739/tcp tn-timing TN Timing
2739/udp tn-timing TN Timing
2740/tcp alarm Alarm
2740/udp alarm Alarm
2741/tcp tsb TSB
2741/udp tsb TSB
2742/tcp tsb2 TSB2
2742/udp tsb2 TSB2
2743/tcp murx murx
2743/udp murx murx
2744/tcp honyaku honyaku
2744/udp honyaku honyaku
2745/tcp urbisnet URBISNET
2745/udp urbisnet URBISNET
2746/tcp cpudpencap CPUDPENCAP
2746/udp cpudpencap CPUDPENCAP
2747/tcp fjippol-swrly
2747/udp fjippol-swrly
2748/tcp fjippol-polsvr
2748/udp fjippol-polsvr
2749/tcp fjippol-cnsl
2749/udp fjippol-cnsl
2750/tcp fjippol-port1
2750/udp fjippol-port1
2751/tcp fjippol-port2
2751/udp fjippol-port2
2752/tcp rsisysaccess RSISYS ACCESS
2752/udp rsisysaccess RSISYS ACCESS
2753/tcp de-spot de-spot
2753/udp de-spot de-spot
2754/tcp apollo-cc APOLLO CC
2754/udp apollo-cc APOLLO CC
2755/tcp expresspay Express Pay
2755/udp expresspay Express Pay
2756/tcp simplement-tie simplement-tie
2756/udp simplement-tie simplement-tie
2757/tcp cnrp CNRP
2757/udp cnrp CNRP
2758/tcp apollo-status APOLLO Status
2758/udp apollo-status APOLLO Status
2759/tcp apollo-gms APOLLO GMS
2759/udp apollo-gms APOLLO GMS
2760/tcp sabams Saba MS
2760/udp sabams Saba MS
2761/tcp dicom-iscl DICOM ISCL
2761/udp dicom-iscl DICOM ISCL
2762/tcp dicom-tls DICOM TLS
2762/udp dicom-tls DICOM TLS
2763/tcp desktop-dna Desktop DNA
2763/udp desktop-dna Desktop DNA
2764/tcp data-insurance Data Insurance
2764/udp data-insurance Data Insurance
2765/tcp qip-audup qip-audup
2765/udp qip-audup qip-audup
2766/tcp compaq-scp Compaq SCP
2766/udp compaq-scp Compaq SCP
2767/tcp uadtc UADTC
2767/udp uadtc UADTC
2768/tcp uacs UACS
2768/udp uacs UACS
2769/tcp exce eXcE
2769/udp exce eXcE
2770/tcp veronica Veronica
2770/udp veronica Veronica
2771/tcp vergencecm Vergence CM
2771/udp vergencecm Vergence CM
2772/tcp auris auris
2772/udp auris auris
2773/tcp rbakcup1 RBackup Remote Backup
2773/udp rbakcup1 RBackup Remote Backup
2774/tcp rbakcup2 RBackup Remote Backup
2774/udp rbakcup2 RBackup Remote Backup
2775/tcp smpp SMPP
2775/udp smpp SMPP
2778/tcp gwen-sonya Gwen-Sonya
2778/udp gwen-sonya Gwen-Sonya
2779/tcp lbc-sync LBC Sync
2779/udp lbc-sync LBC Sync
2780/tcp lbc-control LBC Control
2780/udp lbc-control LBC Control
2781/tcp whosells whosells
2781/udp whosells whosells
2782/tcp everydayrc everydayrc
2782/udp everydayrc everydayrc
2783/tcp aises AISES
2783/udp aises AISES
2784/tcp www-dev world wide web - development
2784/udp www-dev world wide web - development
2785/tcp aic-np aic-np
2785/udp aic-np aic-np
2786/tcp aic-oncrpc aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database
2786/udp aic-oncrpc aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database
2787/tcp piccolo piccolo - Cornerstone Software
2787/udp piccolo piccolo - Cornerstone Software
2788/tcp fryeserv NetWare Loadable Module - Seagate Software
2788/udp fryeserv NetWare Loadable Module - Seagate Software
2789/tcp media-agent Media Agent
2789/udp media-agent Media Agent
2790/tcp plgproxy PLG Proxy
2790/udp plgproxy PLG Proxy
2791/tcp mtport-regist MT Port Registrator
2791/udp mtport-regist MT Port Registrator
2792/tcp f5-globalsite f5-globalsite
2792/udp f5-globalsite f5-globalsite
2793/tcp initlsmsad initlsmsad
2793/udp initlsmsad initlsmsad
2795/tcp livestats LiveStats
2795/udp livestats LiveStats
2796/tcp ac-tech ac-tech
2796/udp ac-tech ac-tech
2797/tcp esp-encap esp-encap
2797/udp esp-encap esp-encap
2798/tcp tmesis-upshot TMESIS-UPShot
2798/udp tmesis-upshot TMESIS-UPShot
2799/tcp icon-discover ICON Discover
2799/udp icon-discover ICON Discover
2800/tcp acc-raid ACC RAID
2800/udp acc-raid ACC RAID