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Port/Proto Nom Description
2801/tcp igcp IGCP
2801/udp igcp IGCP
2802/tcp veritas-tcp1 Veritas TCP1
2802/udp veritas-udp1 Veritas UDP1
2803/tcp btprjctrl btprjctrl
2803/udp btprjctrl btprjctrl
2804/tcp dvr-esm March Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products
2804/udp dvr-esm March Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products
2805/tcp wta-wsp-s WTA WSP-S
2805/udp wta-wsp-s WTA WSP-S
2806/tcp cspuni cspuni
2806/udp cspuni cspuni
2807/tcp cspmulti cspmulti
2807/udp cspmulti cspmulti
2808/tcp j-lan-p J-LAN-P
2808/udp j-lan-p J-LAN-P
2809/tcp corbaloc CORBA LOC
2809/udp corbaloc CORBA LOC
2810/tcp netsteward Active Net Steward
2810/udp netsteward Active Net Steward
2811/tcp gsiftp GSI FTP
2811/udp gsiftp GSI FTP
2812/tcp atmtcp atmtcp
2812/udp atmtcp atmtcp
2813/tcp llm-pass llm-pass
2813/udp llm-pass llm-pass
2814/tcp llm-csv llm-csv
2814/udp llm-csv llm-csv
2815/tcp lbc-measure LBC Measurement
2815/udp lbc-measure LBC Measurement
2816/tcp lbc-watchdog LBC Watchdog
2816/udp lbc-watchdog LBC Watchdog
2817/tcp nmsigport NMSig Port
2817/udp nmsigport NMSig Port
2818/tcp rmlnk rmlnk
2818/udp rmlnk rmlnk
2819/tcp fc-faultnotify FC Fault Notification
2819/udp fc-faultnotify FC Fault Notification
2820/tcp univision UniVision
2820/udp univision UniVision
2821/tcp vrts-at-port VERITAS Authentication Service
2821/udp vrts-at-port VERITAS Authentication Service
2822/tcp ka0wuc ka0wuc
2822/udp ka0wuc ka0wuc
2826/tcp slc-systemlog slc systemlog
2826/udp slc-systemlog slc systemlog
2827/tcp slc-ctrlrloops slc ctrlrloops
2827/udp slc-ctrlrloops slc ctrlrloops
2828/tcp itm-lm ITM License Manager
2828/udp itm-lm ITM License Manager
2829/tcp silkp1 silkp1
2829/udp silkp1 silkp1
2830/tcp silkp2 silkp2
2830/udp silkp2 silkp2
2831/tcp silkp3 silkp3
2831/udp silkp3 silkp3
2832/tcp silkp4 silkp4
2832/udp silkp4 silkp4
2833/tcp glishd glishd
2833/udp glishd glishd
2834/tcp evtp EVTP
2834/udp evtp EVTP
2835/tcp evtp-data EVTP-DATA
2835/udp evtp-data EVTP-DATA
2836/tcp catalyst catalyst
2836/udp catalyst catalyst
2837/tcp repliweb Repliweb
2837/udp repliweb Repliweb
2838/tcp starbot Starbot
2838/udp starbot Starbot
2839/tcp nmsigport NMSigPort
2839/udp nmsigport NMSigPort
2840/tcp l3-exprt l3-exprt
2840/udp l3-exprt l3-exprt
2841/tcp l3-ranger l3-ranger
2841/udp l3-ranger l3-ranger
2842/tcp l3-hawk l3-hawk
2842/udp l3-hawk l3-hawk
2843/tcp pdnet PDnet
2843/udp pdnet PDnet
2844/tcp bpcp-poll BPCP POLL
2844/udp bpcp-poll BPCP POLL
2845/tcp bpcp-trap BPCP TRAP
2845/udp bpcp-trap BPCP TRAP
2846/tcp aimpp-hello AIMPP Hello
2846/udp aimpp-hello AIMPP Hello
2847/tcp aimpp-port-req AIMPP Port Req
2847/udp aimpp-port-req AIMPP Port Req
2848/tcp amt-blc-port AMT-BLC-PORT
2848/udp amt-blc-port AMT-BLC-PORT
2849/tcp fxp FXP
2849/udp fxp FXP
2850/tcp metaconsole MetaConsole
2850/udp metaconsole MetaConsole
2851/tcp webemshttp webemshttp
2851/udp webemshttp webemshttp
2852/tcp bears-01 bears-01
2852/udp bears-01 bears-01
2853/tcp ispipes ISPipes
2853/udp ispipes ISPipes
2854/tcp infomover InfoMover
2854/udp infomover InfoMover
2855/tcp msrp MSRP over TCP
2855/udp msrp MSRP
2856/tcp cesdinv cesdinv
2856/udp cesdinv cesdinv
2857/tcp simctlp SimCtIP
2857/udp simctlp SimCtIP
2858/tcp ecnp ECNP
2858/udp ecnp ECNP
2859/tcp activememory Active Memory
2859/udp activememory Active Memory
2860/tcp dialpad-voice1 Dialpad Voice 1
2860/udp dialpad-voice1 Dialpad Voice 1
2861/tcp dialpad-voice2 Dialpad Voice 2
2861/udp dialpad-voice2 Dialpad Voice 2
2862/tcp ttg-protocol TTG Protocol
2862/udp ttg-protocol TTG Protocol
2863/tcp sonardata Sonar Data
2863/udp sonardata Sonar Data
2864/tcp astromed-main main 5001 cmd
2864/udp astromed-main main 5001 cmd
2865/tcp pit-vpn pit-vpn
2865/udp pit-vpn pit-vpn
2866/tcp iwlistener iwlistener
2866/udp iwlistener iwlistener
2867/tcp esps-portal esps-portal
2867/udp esps-portal esps-portal
2868/tcp npep-messaging NPEP Messaging
2868/udp npep-messaging NPEP Messaging
2869/tcp icslap ICSLAP
2869/udp icslap ICSLAP
2870/tcp daishi daishi
2870/udp daishi daishi
2871/tcp msi-selectplay MSI Select Play
2871/udp msi-selectplay MSI Select Play
2872/tcp radix RADIX
2872/udp radix RADIX
2874/tcp dxmessagebase1 DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2874/udp dxmessagebase1 DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2875/tcp dxmessagebase2 DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2875/udp dxmessagebase2 DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2876/tcp sps-tunnel SPS Tunnel
2876/udp sps-tunnel SPS Tunnel
2877/tcp bluelance BLUELANCE
2877/udp bluelance BLUELANCE
2878/tcp aap AAP
2878/udp aap AAP
2879/tcp ucentric-ds ucentric-ds
2879/udp ucentric-ds ucentric-ds
2880/tcp synapse Synapse Transport
2880/udp synapse Synapse Transport
2881/tcp ndsp NDSP
2881/udp ndsp NDSP
2882/tcp ndtp NDTP
2882/udp ndtp NDTP
2883/tcp ndnp NDNP
2883/udp ndnp NDNP
2884/tcp flashmsg Flash Msg
2884/udp flashmsg Flash Msg
2885/tcp topflow TopFlow
2885/udp topflow TopFlow
2886/tcp responselogic RESPONSELOGIC
2886/udp responselogic RESPONSELOGIC
2887/tcp aironetddp aironet
2887/udp aironetddp aironet
2888/tcp spcsdlobby SPCSDLOBBY
2888/udp spcsdlobby SPCSDLOBBY
2889/tcp rsom RSOM
2889/udp rsom RSOM
2890/tcp cspclmulti CSPCLMULTI
2890/udp cspclmulti CSPCLMULTI
2891/tcp cinegrfx-elmd CINEGRFX-ELMD License Manager
2891/udp cinegrfx-elmd CINEGRFX-ELMD License Manager
2892/tcp snifferdata SNIFFERDATA
2892/udp snifferdata SNIFFERDATA
2893/tcp vseconnector VSECONNECTOR
2893/udp vseconnector VSECONNECTOR
2894/tcp abacus-remote ABACUS-REMOTE
2894/udp abacus-remote ABACUS-REMOTE
2895/tcp natuslink NATUS LINK
2895/udp natuslink NATUS LINK
2896/tcp ecovisiong6-1 ECOVISIONG6-1
2896/udp ecovisiong6-1 ECOVISIONG6-1
2897/tcp citrix-rtmp Citrix RTMP
2897/udp citrix-rtmp Citrix RTMP
2898/tcp appliance-cfg APPLIANCE-CFG
2898/udp appliance-cfg APPLIANCE-CFG
2899/tcp powergemplus POWERGEMPLUS
2899/udp powergemplus POWERGEMPLUS
2900/tcp quicksuite QUICKSUITE
2900/udp quicksuite QUICKSUITE
2901/tcp allstorcns ALLSTORCNS
2901/udp allstorcns ALLSTORCNS
2902/tcp netaspi NET ASPI
2902/udp netaspi NET ASPI
2903/tcp suitcase SUITCASE
2903/udp suitcase SUITCASE
2904/tcp m2ua M2UA
2904/udp m2ua M2UA
2904/sctp m2ua M2UA
2905/tcp m3ua M3UA
2905/sctp m3ua M3UA
2906/tcp caller9 CALLER9
2906/udp caller9 CALLER9
2907/tcp webmethods-b2b WEBMETHODS B2B
2907/udp webmethods-b2b WEBMETHODS B2B
2908/tcp mao mao
2908/udp mao mao
2909/tcp funk-dialout Funk Dialout
2909/udp funk-dialout Funk Dialout
2910/tcp tdaccess TDAccess
2910/udp tdaccess TDAccess
2911/tcp blockade Blockade
2911/udp blockade Blockade
2912/tcp epicon Epicon
2912/udp epicon Epicon
2913/tcp boosterware Booster Ware
2913/udp boosterware Booster Ware
2914/tcp gamelobby Game Lobby
2914/udp gamelobby Game Lobby
2915/tcp tksocket TK Socket
2915/udp tksocket TK Socket
2916/tcp elvin_server Elvin Server
2916/udp elvin_server Elvin Server
2917/tcp elvin_client Elvin Client
2917/udp elvin_client Elvin Client
2918/tcp kastenchasepad Kasten Chase Pad
2918/udp kastenchasepad Kasten Chase Pad
2919/tcp roboer roboER
2919/udp roboer roboER
2920/tcp roboeda roboEDA
2920/udp roboeda roboEDA
2921/tcp cesdcdman CESD Contents Delivery Management
2921/udp cesdcdman CESD Contents Delivery Management
2922/tcp cesdcdtrn CESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer
2922/udp cesdcdtrn CESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer
2923/tcp wta-wsp-wtp-s WTA-WSP-WTP-S
2923/udp wta-wsp-wtp-s WTA-WSP-WTP-S
2924/tcp precise-vip PRECISE-VIP
2924/udp precise-vip PRECISE-VIP
2926/tcp mobile-file-dl MOBILE-FILE-DL
2926/udp mobile-file-dl MOBILE-FILE-DL
2927/tcp unimobilectrl UNIMOBILECTRL
2927/udp unimobilectrl UNIMOBILECTRL
2928/tcp redstone-cpss REDSTONE-CPSS
2928/udp redstone-cpss REDSTONE-CPSS
2929/tcp amx-webadmin AMX-WEBADMIN
2929/udp amx-webadmin AMX-WEBADMIN
2930/tcp amx-weblinx AMX-WEBLINX
2930/udp amx-weblinx AMX-WEBLINX
2931/tcp circle-x Circle-X
2931/udp circle-x Circle-X
2932/tcp incp INCP
2932/udp incp INCP
2933/tcp 4-tieropmgw 4-TIER OPM GW
2933/udp 4-tieropmgw 4-TIER OPM GW
2934/tcp 4-tieropmcli 4-TIER OPM CLI
2934/udp 4-tieropmcli 4-TIER OPM CLI
2935/tcp qtp QTP
2935/udp qtp QTP
2936/tcp otpatch OTPatch
2936/udp otpatch OTPatch
2937/tcp pnaconsult-lm PNACONSULT-LM
2937/udp pnaconsult-lm PNACONSULT-LM
2938/tcp sm-pas-1 SM-PAS-1
2938/udp sm-pas-1 SM-PAS-1
2939/tcp sm-pas-2 SM-PAS-2
2939/udp sm-pas-2 SM-PAS-2
2940/tcp sm-pas-3 SM-PAS-3
2940/udp sm-pas-3 SM-PAS-3
2941/tcp sm-pas-4 SM-PAS-4
2941/udp sm-pas-4 SM-PAS-4
2942/tcp sm-pas-5 SM-PAS-5
2942/udp sm-pas-5 SM-PAS-5
2943/tcp ttnrepository TTNRepository
2943/udp ttnrepository TTNRepository
2944/tcp megaco-h248 Megaco H-248
2944/udp megaco-h248 Megaco H-248
2945/tcp h248-binary H248 Binary
2945/udp h248-binary H248 Binary
2946/tcp fjsvmpor FJSVmpor
2946/udp fjsvmpor FJSVmpor
2947/tcp gpsd GPSD
2947/udp gpsd GPSD
2948/tcp wap-push WAP PUSH
2948/udp wap-push WAP PUSH
2949/tcp wap-pushsecure WAP PUSH SECURE
2949/udp wap-pushsecure WAP PUSH SECURE
2950/tcp esip ESIP
2950/udp esip ESIP
2951/tcp ottp OTTP
2951/udp ottp OTTP
2952/tcp mpfwsas MPFWSAS
2952/udp mpfwsas MPFWSAS
2953/tcp ovalarmsrv OVALARMSRV
2953/udp ovalarmsrv OVALARMSRV
2954/tcp ovalarmsrv-cmd OVALARMSRV-CMD
2954/udp ovalarmsrv-cmd OVALARMSRV-CMD
2955/tcp csnotify CSNOTIFY
2955/udp csnotify CSNOTIFY
2956/tcp ovrimosdbman OVRIMOSDBMAN
2956/udp ovrimosdbman OVRIMOSDBMAN
2957/tcp jmact5 JAMCT5
2957/udp jmact5 JAMCT5
2958/tcp jmact6 JAMCT6
2958/udp jmact6 JAMCT6
2959/tcp rmopagt RMOPAGT
2959/udp rmopagt RMOPAGT
2960/tcp dfoxserver DFOXSERVER
2960/udp dfoxserver DFOXSERVER
2961/tcp boldsoft-lm BOLDSOFT-LM
2961/udp boldsoft-lm BOLDSOFT-LM
2962/tcp iph-policy-cli IPH-POLICY-CLI
2962/udp iph-policy-cli IPH-POLICY-CLI
2963/tcp iph-policy-adm IPH-POLICY-ADM
2963/udp iph-policy-adm IPH-POLICY-ADM
2964/tcp bullant-srap BULLANT SRAP
2964/udp bullant-srap BULLANT SRAP
2965/tcp bullant-rap BULLANT RAP
2965/udp bullant-rap BULLANT RAP
2966/tcp idp-infotrieve IDP-INFOTRIEVE
2966/udp idp-infotrieve IDP-INFOTRIEVE
2967/tcp ssc-agent SSC-AGENT
2967/udp ssc-agent SSC-AGENT
2968/tcp enpp ENPP
2968/udp enpp ENPP
2969/tcp essp ESSP
2969/udp essp ESSP
2970/tcp index-net INDEX-NET
2970/udp index-net INDEX-NET
2971/tcp netclip NetClip clipboard daemon
2971/udp netclip NetClip clipboard daemon
2972/tcp pmsm-webrctl PMSM Webrctl
2972/udp pmsm-webrctl PMSM Webrctl
2973/tcp svnetworks SV Networks
2973/udp svnetworks SV Networks
2974/tcp signal Signal
2974/udp signal Signal
2975/tcp fjmpcm Fujitsu Configuration Management Service
2975/udp fjmpcm Fujitsu Configuration Management Service
2976/tcp cns-srv-port CNS Server Port
2976/udp cns-srv-port CNS Server Port
2977/tcp ttc-etap-ns TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS
2977/udp ttc-etap-ns TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS
2978/tcp ttc-etap-ds TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS
2978/udp ttc-etap-ds TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS
2980/tcp wimd Instant Messaging Service
2980/udp wimd Instant Messaging Service
2981/tcp mylxamport MYLXAMPORT
2981/udp mylxamport MYLXAMPORT
2982/tcp iwb-whiteboard IWB-WHITEBOARD
2982/udp iwb-whiteboard IWB-WHITEBOARD
2983/tcp netplan NETPLAN
2983/udp netplan NETPLAN
2984/tcp hpidsadmin HPIDSADMIN
2984/udp hpidsadmin HPIDSADMIN
2985/tcp hpidsagent HPIDSAGENT
2985/udp hpidsagent HPIDSAGENT
2986/tcp stonefalls STONEFALLS
2986/udp stonefalls STONEFALLS
2987/tcp identify identify
2987/udp identify identify
2988/tcp hippad HIPPA Reporting Protocol
2988/udp hippad HIPPA Reporting Protocol
2989/tcp zarkov ZARKOV Intelligent Agent Communication
2989/udp zarkov ZARKOV Intelligent Agent Communication
2990/tcp boscap BOSCAP
2990/udp boscap BOSCAP
2991/tcp wkstn-mon WKSTN-MON
2991/udp wkstn-mon WKSTN-MON
2992/tcp avenyo Avenyo Server
2992/udp avenyo Avenyo Server
2993/tcp veritas-vis1 VERITAS VIS1
2993/udp veritas-vis1 VERITAS VIS1
2994/tcp veritas-vis2 VERITAS VIS2
2994/udp veritas-vis2 VERITAS VIS2
2995/tcp idrs IDRS
2995/udp idrs IDRS
2996/tcp vsixml vsixml
2996/udp vsixml vsixml
2997/tcp rebol REBOL
2997/udp rebol REBOL
2998/tcp realsecure Real Secure
2998/udp realsecure Real Secure
2999/tcp remoteware-un RemoteWare Unassigned
2999/udp remoteware-un RemoteWare Unassigned
3000/tcp hbci HBCI
3000/udp hbci HBCI
3000/tcp remoteware-cl RemoteWare Client
3000/udp remoteware-cl RemoteWare Client