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Port/Proto Nom Description
3201/tcp cpq-tasksmart CPQ-TaskSmart
3201/udp cpq-tasksmart CPQ-TaskSmart
3202/tcp intraintra IntraIntra
3202/udp intraintra IntraIntra
3203/tcp netwatcher-mon Network Watcher Monitor
3203/udp netwatcher-mon Network Watcher Monitor
3204/tcp netwatcher-db Network Watcher DB Access
3204/udp netwatcher-db Network Watcher DB Access
3205/tcp isns iSNS Server Port
3205/udp isns iSNS Server Port
3206/tcp ironmail IronMail POP Proxy
3206/udp ironmail IronMail POP Proxy
3207/tcp vx-auth-port Veritas Authentication Port
3207/udp vx-auth-port Veritas Authentication Port
3208/tcp pfu-prcallback PFU PR Callback
3208/udp pfu-prcallback PFU PR Callback
3209/tcp netwkpathengine HP OpenView Network Path Engine Server
3209/udp netwkpathengine HP OpenView Network Path Engine Server
3210/tcp flamenco-proxy Flamenco Networks Proxy
3210/udp flamenco-proxy Flamenco Networks Proxy
3211/tcp avsecuremgmt Avocent Secure Management
3211/udp avsecuremgmt Avocent Secure Management
3212/tcp surveyinst Survey Instrument
3212/udp surveyinst Survey Instrument
3213/tcp neon24x7 NEON 24X7 Mission Control
3213/udp neon24x7 NEON 24X7 Mission Control
3214/tcp jmq-daemon-1 JMQ Daemon Port 1
3214/udp jmq-daemon-1 JMQ Daemon Port 1
3215/tcp jmq-daemon-2 JMQ Daemon Port 2
3215/udp jmq-daemon-2 JMQ Daemon Port 2
3216/tcp ferrari-foam Ferrari electronic FOAM
3216/udp ferrari-foam Ferrari electronic FOAM
3218/tcp smartpackets EMC SmartPackets
3218/udp smartpackets EMC SmartPackets
3219/tcp wms-messenger WMS Messenger
3219/udp wms-messenger WMS Messenger
3220/tcp xnm-ssl XML NM over SSL
3220/udp xnm-ssl XML NM over SSL
3221/tcp xnm-clear-text XML NM over TCP
3221/udp xnm-clear-text XML NM over TCP
3222/tcp glbp Gateway Load Balancing Pr
3222/udp glbp Gateway Load Balancing Pr
3224/tcp aes-discovery AES Discovery Port
3224/udp aes-discovery AES Discovery Port
3225/tcp fcip-port FCIP
3225/udp fcip-port FCIP
3226/tcp isi-irp ISI Industry Software IRP
3226/udp isi-irp ISI Industry Software IRP
3227/tcp dwnmshttp DiamondWave NMS Server
3227/udp dwnmshttp DiamondWave NMS Server
3228/tcp dwmsgserver DiamondWave MSG Server
3228/udp dwmsgserver DiamondWave MSG Server
3229/tcp global-cd-port Global CD Port
3229/udp global-cd-port Global CD Port
3230/tcp sftdst-port Software Distributor Port
3230/udp sftdst-port Software Distributor Port
3232/tcp mdtp MDT port
3232/udp mdtp MDT port
3233/tcp whisker WhiskerControl main port
3233/udp whisker WhiskerControl main port
3234/tcp alchemy Alchemy Server
3234/udp alchemy Alchemy Server
3235/tcp mdap-port MDAP port
3235/udp mdap-port MDAP Port
3236/tcp apparenet-ts appareNet Test Server
3236/udp apparenet-ts appareNet Test Server
3237/tcp apparenet-tps appareNet Test Packet Sequencer
3237/udp apparenet-tps appareNet Test Packet Sequencer
3238/tcp apparenet-as appareNet Analysis Server
3238/udp apparenet-as appareNet Analysis Server
3239/tcp apparenet-ui appareNet User Interface
3239/udp apparenet-ui appareNet User Interface
3240/tcp triomotion Trio Motion Control Port
3240/udp triomotion Trio Motion Control Port
3241/tcp sysorb SysOrb Monitoring Server
3241/udp sysorb SysOrb Monitoring Server
3242/tcp sdp-id-port Session Description ID
3242/udp sdp-id-port Session Description ID
3243/tcp timelot Timelot Port
3243/udp timelot Timelot Port
3244/tcp onesaf OneSAF
3244/udp onesaf OneSAF
3245/tcp vieo-fe VIEO Fabric Executive
3245/udp vieo-fe VIEO Fabric Executive
3246/tcp dvt-system DVT SYSTEM PORT
3246/udp dvt-system DVT SYSTEM PORT
3247/tcp dvt-data DVT DATA LINK
3247/udp dvt-data DVT DATA LINK
3248/tcp procos-lm PROCOS LM
3248/udp procos-lm PROCOS LM
3249/tcp ssp State Sync Protocol
3249/udp ssp State Sync Protocol
3250/tcp hicp HMS hicp port
3250/udp hicp HMS hicp port
3251/tcp sysscanner Sys Scanner
3251/udp sysscanner Sys Scanner
3252/tcp dhe DHE port
3252/udp dhe DHE port
3253/tcp pda-data PDA Data
3253/udp pda-data PDA Data
3254/tcp pda-sys PDA System
3254/udp pda-sys PDA System
3255/tcp semaphore Semaphore Connection Port
3255/udp semaphore Semaphore Connection Port
3256/tcp cpqrpm-agent Compaq RPM Agent Port
3256/udp cpqrpm-agent Compaq RPM Agent Port
3257/tcp cpqrpm-server Compaq RPM Server Port
3257/udp cpqrpm-server Compaq RPM Server Port
3258/tcp ivecon-port Ivecon Server Port
3258/udp ivecon-port Ivecon Server Port
3259/tcp epncdp2 Epson Network Common Devi
3259/udp epncdp2 Epson Network Common Devi
3260/tcp iscsi-target iSCSI port
3260/udp iscsi-target iSCSI port
3261/tcp winshadow winShadow
3261/udp winshadow winShadow
3262/tcp necp NECP
3262/udp necp NECP
3263/tcp ecolor-imager E-Color Enterprise Imager
3263/udp ecolor-imager E-Color Enterprise Imager
3265/tcp altav-tunnel Altav Tunnel
3265/udp altav-tunnel Altav Tunnel
3266/tcp ns-cfg-server NS CFG Server
3266/udp ns-cfg-server NS CFG Server
3267/tcp ibm-dial-out IBM Dial Out
3267/udp ibm-dial-out IBM Dial Out
3268/tcp msft-gc Microsoft Global Catalog
3268/udp msft-gc Microsoft Global Catalog
3270/tcp verismart Verismart
3270/udp verismart Verismart
3271/tcp csoft-prev CSoft Prev Port
3271/udp csoft-prev CSoft Prev Port
3272/tcp user-manager Fujitsu User Manager
3272/udp user-manager Fujitsu User Manager
3273/tcp sxmp Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol
3273/udp sxmp Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol
3274/tcp ordinox-server Ordinox Server
3274/udp ordinox-server Ordinox Server
3275/tcp samd SAMD
3275/udp samd SAMD
3276/tcp maxim-asics Maxim ASICs
3276/udp maxim-asics Maxim ASICs
3277/tcp awg-proxy AWG Proxy
3277/udp awg-proxy AWG Proxy
3278/tcp lkcmserver LKCM Server
3278/udp lkcmserver LKCM Server
3279/tcp admind admind
3279/udp admind admind
3280/tcp vs-server VS Server
3280/udp vs-server VS Server
3281/tcp sysopt SYSOPT
3281/udp sysopt SYSOPT
3282/tcp datusorb Datusorb
3282/udp datusorb Datusorb
3283/tcp net-assistant Net Assistant
3283/udp net-assistant Net Assistant
3284/tcp 4talk 4Talk
3284/udp 4talk 4Talk
3285/tcp plato Plato
3285/udp plato Plato
3286/tcp e-net E-Net
3286/udp e-net E-Net
3287/tcp directvdata DIRECTVDATA
3287/udp directvdata DIRECTVDATA
3288/tcp cops COPS
3288/udp cops COPS
3289/tcp enpc ENPC
3289/udp enpc ENPC
3290/tcp caps-lm CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT - LM
3290/udp caps-lm CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT - LM
3292/tcp cart-o-rama Cart O Rama
3292/udp cart-o-rama Cart O Rama
3293/tcp fg-fps fg-fps
3293/udp fg-fps fg-fps
3294/tcp fg-gip fg-gip
3294/udp fg-gip fg-gip
3295/tcp dyniplookup Dynamic IP Lookup
3295/udp dyniplookup Dynamic IP Lookup
3296/tcp rib-slm Rib License Manager
3296/udp rib-slm Rib License Manager
3297/tcp cytel-lm Cytel License Manager
3297/udp cytel-lm Cytel License Manager
3298/tcp deskview DeskView
3298/udp deskview DeskView
3299/tcp pdrncs pdrncs
3299/udp pdrncs pdrncs
3302/tcp mcs-fastmail MCS Fastmail
3302/udp mcs-fastmail MCS Fastmail
3303/tcp opsession-clnt OP Session Client
3303/udp opsession-clnt OP Session Client
3304/tcp opsession-srvr OP Session Server
3304/udp opsession-srvr OP Session Server
3305/tcp odette-ftp ODETTE-FTP
3305/udp odette-ftp ODETTE-FTP
3306/tcp mysql MySQL
3306/udp mysql MySQL
3307/tcp opsession-prxy OP Session Proxy
3307/udp opsession-prxy OP Session Proxy
3308/tcp tns-server TNS Server
3308/udp tns-server TNS Server
3309/tcp tns-adv TNS ADV
3309/udp tns-adv TNS ADV
3310/tcp dyna-access Dyna Access
3310/udp dyna-access Dyna Access
3311/tcp mcns-tel-ret MCNS Tel Ret
3311/udp mcns-tel-ret MCNS Tel Ret
3312/tcp appman-server Application Management Server
3312/udp appman-server Application Management Server
3313/tcp uorb Unify Object Broker
3313/udp uorb Unify Object Broker
3314/tcp uohost Unify Object Host
3314/udp uohost Unify Object Host
3315/tcp cdid CDID
3315/udp cdid CDID
3317/tcp vsaiport VSAI PORT
3317/udp vsaiport VSAI PORT
3318/tcp ssrip Swith to Swith Routing Information Protocol
3318/udp ssrip Swith to Swith Routing Information Protocol
3319/tcp sdt-lmd SDT License Manager
3319/udp sdt-lmd SDT License Manager
3320/tcp officelink2000 Office Link 2000
3320/udp officelink2000 Office Link 2000
3321/tcp vnsstr VNSSTR
3321/udp vnsstr VNSSTR
3326/tcp sftu SFTU
3326/udp sftu SFTU
3327/tcp bbars BBARS
3327/udp bbars BBARS
3328/tcp egptlm Eaglepoint License Manager
3328/udp egptlm Eaglepoint License Manager
3329/tcp hp-device-disc HP Device Disc
3329/udp hp-device-disc HP Device Disc
3330/tcp mcs-calypsoicf MCS Calypso ICF
3330/udp mcs-calypsoicf MCS Calypso ICF
3331/tcp mcs-messaging MCS Messaging
3331/udp mcs-messaging MCS Messaging
3332/tcp mcs-mailsvr MCS Mail Server
3332/udp mcs-mailsvr MCS Mail Server
3333/tcp dec-notes DEC Notes
3333/udp dec-notes DEC Notes
3334/tcp directv-web Direct TV Webcasting
3334/udp directv-web Direct TV Webcasting
3335/tcp directv-soft Direct TV Software Updates
3335/udp directv-soft Direct TV Software Updates
3336/tcp directv-tick Direct TV Tickers
3336/udp directv-tick Direct TV Tickers
3337/tcp directv-catlg Direct TV Data Catalog
3337/udp directv-catlg Direct TV Data Catalog
3338/tcp anet-b OMF data b
3338/udp anet-b OMF data b
3339/tcp anet-l OMF data l
3339/udp anet-l OMF data l
3340/tcp anet-m OMF data m
3340/udp anet-m OMF data m
3341/tcp anet-h OMF data h
3341/udp anet-h OMF data h
3342/tcp webtie WebTIE
3342/udp webtie WebTIE
3343/tcp ms-cluster-net MS Cluster Net
3343/udp ms-cluster-net MS Cluster Net
3344/tcp bnt-manager BNT Manager
3344/udp bnt-manager BNT Manager
3345/tcp influence Influence
3345/udp influence Influence
3346/tcp trnsprntproxy Trnsprnt Proxy
3346/udp trnsprntproxy Trnsprnt Proxy
3347/tcp phoenix-rpc Phoenix RPC
3347/udp phoenix-rpc Phoenix RPC
3348/tcp pangolin-laser Pangolin Laser
3348/udp pangolin-laser Pangolin Laser
3349/tcp chevinservices Chevin Services
3349/udp chevinservices Chevin Services
3350/tcp findviatv FINDVIATV
3350/udp findviatv FINDVIATV
3351/tcp btrieve Btrieve port
3351/udp btrieve Btrieve port
3352/tcp ssql Scalable SQL
3352/udp ssql Scalable SQL
3353/tcp fatpipe FATPIPE
3353/udp fatpipe FATPIPE
3354/tcp suitjd SUITJD
3354/udp suitjd SUITJD
3355/tcp ordinox-dbase Ordinox Dbase
3355/udp ordinox-dbase Ordinox Dbase
3356/tcp upnotifyps UPNOTIFYPS
3356/udp upnotifyps UPNOTIFYPS
3357/tcp adtech-test Adtech Test IP
3357/udp adtech-test Adtech Test IP
3358/tcp mpsysrmsvr Mp Sys Rmsvr
3358/udp mpsysrmsvr Mp Sys Rmsvr
3359/tcp wg-netforce WG NetForce
3359/udp wg-netforce WG NetForce
3360/tcp kv-server KV Server
3360/udp kv-server KV Server
3361/tcp kv-agent KV Agent
3361/udp kv-agent KV Agent
3362/tcp dj-ilm DJ ILM
3362/udp dj-ilm DJ ILM
3363/tcp nati-vi-server NATI Vi Server
3363/udp nati-vi-server NATI Vi Server
3364/tcp creativeserver Creative Server
3364/udp creativeserver Creative Server
3365/tcp contentserver Content Server
3365/udp contentserver Content Server
3366/tcp creativepartnr Creative Partner
3366/udp creativepartnr Creative Partner
3372/tcp tip2 TIP 2
3372/udp tip2 TIP 2
3373/tcp lavenir-lm Lavenir License Manager
3373/udp lavenir-lm Lavenir License Manager
3374/tcp cluster-disc Cluster Disc
3374/udp cluster-disc Cluster Disc
3375/tcp vsnm-agent VSNM Agent
3375/udp vsnm-agent VSNM Agent
3376/tcp cdbroker CD Broker
3376/udp cdbroker CD Broker
3377/tcp cogsys-lm Cogsys Network License Manager
3377/udp cogsys-lm Cogsys Network License Manager
3378/tcp wsicopy WSICOPY
3378/udp wsicopy WSICOPY
3379/tcp socorfs SOCORFS
3379/udp socorfs SOCORFS
3380/tcp sns-channels SNS Channels
3380/udp sns-channels SNS Channels
3381/tcp geneous Geneous
3381/udp geneous Geneous
3382/tcp fujitsu-neat Fujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
3382/udp fujitsu-neat Fujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
3383/tcp esp-lm Enterprise Software Products License Manager
3383/udp esp-lm Enterprise Software Products License Manager
3384/tcp hp-clic Cluster Management Services
3384/udp hp-clic Hardware Management
3385/tcp qnxnetman qnxnetman
3385/udp qnxnetman qnxnetman
3386/tcp gprs-data GPRS Data
3386/udp gprs-sig GPRS SIG
3387/tcp backroomnet Back Room Net
3387/udp backroomnet Back Room Net
3388/tcp cbserver CB Server
3388/udp cbserver CB Server
3389/tcp ms-wbt-server MS WBT Server
3389/udp ms-wbt-server MS WBT Server
3390/tcp dsc Distributed Service Coordinator
3390/udp dsc Distributed Service Coordinator
3391/tcp savant SAVANT
3391/udp savant SAVANT
3392/tcp efi-lm EFI License Management
3392/udp efi-lm EFI License Management
3393/tcp d2k-tapestry1 D2K Tapestry Client to Server
3393/udp d2k-tapestry1 D2K Tapestry Client to Server
3394/tcp d2k-tapestry2 D2K Tapestry Server to Server
3394/udp d2k-tapestry2 D2K Tapestry Server to Server
3396/tcp printer_agent Printer Agent
3396/udp printer_agent Printer Agent
3397/tcp cloanto-lm Cloanto License Manager
3397/udp cloanto-lm Cloanto License Manager
3398/tcp mercantile Mercantile
3398/udp mercantile Mercantile
3399/tcp csms CSMS
3399/udp csms CSMS
3400/tcp csms2 CSMS2
3400/udp csms2 CSMS2