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Port/Proto Nom Description
601/tcp syslog-conn Reliable Syslog Service
601/udp syslog-conn Reliable Syslog Service
602/tcp xmlrpc-beep XML-RPC over BEEP
602/udp xmlrpc-beep XML-RPC over BEEP
603/tcp idxp IDXP
603/udp idxp IDXP
604/tcp tunnel TUNNEL
604/udp tunnel TUNNEL
605/tcp soap-beep SOAP over BEEP
605/udp soap-beep SOAP over BEEP
606/tcp urm Cray Unified Resource Manager
606/udp urm Cray Unified Resource Manager
607/tcp nqs nqs
607/udp nqs nqs
609/tcp npmp-trap npmp-trap
609/udp npmp-trap npmp-trap
610/tcp npmp-local npmp-local
610/udp npmp-local npmp-local
611/tcp npmp-gui npmp-gui
611/udp npmp-gui npmp-gui
612/tcp hmmp-ind HMMP Indication
612/udp hmmp-ind HMMP Indication
613/tcp hmmp-op HMMP Operation
613/udp hmmp-op HMMP Operation
614/tcp sshell SSLshell
614/udp sshell SSLshell
615/tcp sco-inetmgr Internet Configuration Manager
615/udp sco-inetmgr Internet Configuration Manager
616/tcp sco-sysmgr SCO System Administration Server
616/udp sco-sysmgr SCO System Administration Server
617/tcp sco-dtmgr SCO Desktop Administration Server
617/udp sco-dtmgr SCO Desktop Administration Server
618/tcp dei-icda DEI-ICDA
618/udp dei-icda DEI-ICDA
619/tcp compaq-evm Compaq EVM
619/udp compaq-evm Compaq EVM
620/tcp sco-websrvrmgr SCO WebServer Manager
620/udp sco-websrvrmgr SCO WebServer Manager
621/tcp escp-ip ESCP
621/udp escp-ip ESCP
622/tcp collaborator Collaborator
622/udp collaborator Collaborator
623/tcp oob-ws-http DMTF out-of-band web services management protocol
623/udp asf-rmcp ASF Remote Management and Control Protocol
624/tcp cryptoadmin Crypto Admin
624/udp cryptoadmin Crypto Admin
625/tcp dec_dlm DEC DLM
625/udp dec_dlm DEC DLM
626/tcp asia ASIA
626/udp asia ASIA
627/tcp passgo-tivoli PassGo Tivoli
627/udp passgo-tivoli PassGo Tivoli
628/tcp qmqp QMQP
628/udp qmqp QMQP
629/tcp 3com-amp3 3Com AMP3
629/udp 3com-amp3 3Com AMP3
630/tcp rda RDA
630/udp rda RDA
632/tcp bmpp bmpp
632/udp bmpp bmpp
634/tcp ginad ginad
634/udp ginad ginad
635/tcp rlzdbase RLZ DBase
635/udp rlzdbase RLZ DBase
637/tcp lanserver lanserver
637/udp lanserver lanserver
638/tcp mcns-sec mcns-sec
638/udp mcns-sec mcns-sec
639/tcp msdp MSDP
639/udp msdp MSDP
640/tcp entrust-sps entrust-sps
640/udp entrust-sps entrust-sps
641/tcp repcmd repcmd
641/udp repcmd repcmd
643/tcp sanity SANity
643/udp sanity SANity
644/tcp dwr dwr
644/udp dwr dwr
645/tcp pssc PSSC
645/udp pssc PSSC
646/tcp ldp LDP
646/udp ldp LDP
647/tcp dhcp-failover DHCP Failover
647/udp dhcp-failover DHCP Failover
649/tcp cadview-3d Cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet
649/udp cadview-3d Cadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet
650/tcp obex OBEX
650/udp obex OBEX
651/tcp ieee-mms IEEE MMS
651/udp ieee-mms IEEE MMS
652/tcp hello-port HELLO_PORT
652/udp hello-port HELLO_PORT
653/tcp repscmd RepCmd
653/udp repscmd RepCmd
654/tcp aodv AODV
654/udp aodv AODV
655/tcp tinc TINC
655/udp tinc TINC
656/tcp spmp SPMP
656/udp spmp SPMP
657/tcp rmc RMC
657/udp rmc RMC
658/tcp tenfold TenFold
658/udp tenfold TenFold
660/tcp mac-srvr-admin MacOS Server Admin
660/udp mac-srvr-admin MacOS Server Admin
661/tcp hap HAP
661/udp hap HAP
662/tcp pftp PFTP
662/udp pftp PFTP
663/tcp purenoise PureNoise
663/udp purenoise PureNoise
664/tcp oob-ws-https DMTF out-of-band secure web services management protocol
664/udp asf-secure-rmcp ASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol
665/tcp sun-dr Sun DR
665/udp sun-dr Sun DR
666/tcp mdqs
666/udp mdqs
666/tcp doom doom Id Software
666/udp doom doom Id Software
667/tcp disclose campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies
667/udp disclose campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies
668/tcp mecomm MeComm
668/udp mecomm MeComm
669/tcp meregister MeRegister
669/udp meregister MeRegister
670/tcp vacdsm-sws VACDSM-SWS
670/udp vacdsm-sws VACDSM-SWS
671/tcp vacdsm-app VACDSM-APP
671/udp vacdsm-app VACDSM-APP
672/tcp vpps-qua VPPS-QUA
672/udp vpps-qua VPPS-QUA
673/tcp cimplex CIMPLEX
673/udp cimplex CIMPLEX
674/tcp acap ACAP
674/udp acap ACAP
675/tcp dctp DCTP
675/udp dctp DCTP
676/tcp vpps-via VPPS Via
676/udp vpps-via VPPS Via
677/tcp vpp Virtual Presence Protocol
677/udp vpp Virtual Presence Protocol
678/tcp ggf-ncp GNU Generation Foundation NCP
678/udp ggf-ncp GNU Generation Foundation NCP
679/tcp mrm MRM
679/udp mrm MRM
680/tcp entrust-aaas entrust-aaas
680/udp entrust-aaas entrust-aaas
681/tcp entrust-aams entrust-aams
681/udp entrust-aams entrust-aams
682/tcp xfr XFR
682/udp xfr XFR
683/tcp corba-iiop CORBA IIOP
683/udp corba-iiop CORBA IIOP
684/tcp corba-iiop-ssl CORBA IIOP SSL
684/udp corba-iiop-ssl CORBA IIOP SSL
685/tcp mdc-portmapper MDC Port Mapper
685/udp mdc-portmapper MDC Port Mapper
686/tcp hcp-wismar Hardware Control Protocol Wismar
686/udp hcp-wismar Hardware Control Protocol Wismar
687/tcp asipregistry asipregistry
687/udp asipregistry asipregistry
688/tcp realm-rusd ApplianceWare managment protocol
688/udp realm-rusd ApplianceWare managment protocol
689/tcp nmap NMAP
689/udp nmap NMAP
690/tcp vatp Velazquez Application Transfer Protocol
690/udp vatp Velazquez Application Transfer Protocol
691/tcp msexch-routing MS Exchange Routing
691/udp msexch-routing MS Exchange Routing
692/tcp hyperwave-isp Hyperwave-ISP
692/udp hyperwave-isp Hyperwave-ISP
693/tcp connendp almanid Connection Endpoint
693/udp connendp almanid Connection Endpoint
694/tcp ha-cluster ha-cluster
694/udp ha-cluster ha-cluster
695/tcp ieee-mms-ssl IEEE-MMS-SSL
695/udp ieee-mms-ssl IEEE-MMS-SSL
696/tcp rushd RUSHD
696/udp rushd RUSHD
697/tcp uuidgen UUIDGEN
697/udp uuidgen UUIDGEN
698/tcp olsr OLSR
698/udp olsr OLSR
699/tcp accessnetwork Access Network
699/udp accessnetwork Access Network
700/tcp epp Extensible Provisioning Protocol
700/udp epp Extensible Provisioning Protocol
702/tcp iris-beep IRIS over BEEP
702/udp iris-beep IRIS over BEEP
705/tcp agentx AgentX
705/udp agentx AgentX
706/tcp silc SILC
706/udp silc SILC
707/tcp borland-dsj Borland DSJ
707/udp borland-dsj Borland DSJ
709/tcp entrust-kmsh Entrust Key Management Service Handler
709/udp entrust-kmsh Entrust Key Management Service Handler
710/tcp entrust-ash Entrust Administration Service Handler
710/udp entrust-ash Entrust Administration Service Handler
711/tcp cisco-tdp Cisco TDP
711/udp cisco-tdp Cisco TDP
712/tcp tbrpf TBRPF
712/udp tbrpf TBRPF
713/tcp iris-xpc IRIS over XPC
713/udp iris-xpc IRIS over XPC
714/tcp iris-xpcs IRIS over XPCS
714/udp iris-xpcs IRIS over XPCS
715/tcp iris-lwz IRIS-LWZ
715/udp iris-lwz IRIS-LWZ
716/udp pana PANA Messages
741/tcp netgw netGW
741/udp netgw netGW
744/tcp flexlm Flexible License Manager
744/udp flexlm Flexible License Manager
747/tcp fujitsu-dev Fujitsu Device Control
747/udp fujitsu-dev Fujitsu Device Control
748/tcp ris-cm Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
748/udp ris-cm Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
749/tcp kerberos-adm kerberos administration
749/udp kerberos-adm kerberos administration
750/tcp rfile
750/udp loadav
750/udp kerberos-iv kerberos version iv
751/tcp pump
751/udp pump
752/tcp qrh
752/udp qrh
753/tcp rrh
753/udp rrh
754/tcp tell send
754/udp tell send
758/tcp nlogin
758/udp nlogin
759/tcp con
759/udp con
760/tcp ns
760/udp ns
761/tcp rxe
761/udp rxe
762/tcp quotad
762/udp quotad
763/tcp cycleserv
763/udp cycleserv
764/tcp omserv
764/udp omserv
765/tcp webster
765/udp webster
767/tcp phonebook phone
767/udp phonebook phone
769/tcp vid
769/udp vid
770/tcp cadlock
770/udp cadlock
771/tcp rtip
771/udp rtip
772/tcp cycleserv2
772/udp cycleserv2
773/tcp submit
773/udp notify
774/tcp rpasswd
774/udp acmaint_dbd
775/tcp entomb
775/udp acmaint_transd
776/tcp wpages
776/udp wpages
777/tcp multiling-http Multiling HTTP
777/udp multiling-http Multiling HTTP
780/tcp wpgs
780/udp wpgs
800/tcp mdbs_daemon
800/udp mdbs_daemon