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Psk-crack attempts to crack IKE Aggressive Mode pre-shared keys that have previously been gathered using ike-scan with the --pskcrack option.

Psk-crack can operate in two different modes:

  • Dictionary cracking mode: this is the default mode in which psk-crack tries each candidate word from the dictionary file in turn until it finds a match, or all the words in the dictionary have been tried.
  • Brute-force cracking mode: in this mode, psk-crack tries all possible combinations of a specified character set up to a given length.


$ sudo apt-get install ike-scan


Basic syntax

$ psk-crack [options] <psk-parameters-file>


--help, -h
Display this usage message and exit.
--version, -V
Display program version and exit.
--verbose, -v
Display verbose progress messages.
Use more than once for increased verbosity.
--dictionary=<f>, -d <f>
Set dictionary file to <f>
Use "-" for standard input.
--norteluser=<u>, -u <u>
Specify username for Nortel Contivity PSK cracking.
This option is required when cracking pre-shared keys on Nortel Contivity / VPN Router systems. These systems use a proprietary method to calculate the hash that includes a hash of the username.
This option is only needed when cracking Nortel format hashes, and should not be used for standard format hashes.
When this option is used, all the PSK entries in the psk parameters file are assumed to be in Nortel format using the supplied username. There is currently no way to crack a mixture of Nortel and standard format PSK entries, or Nortel entries with different usernames in a single psk-crack run.
--bruteforce=<n>, -B <n>
Select bruteforce cracking up to <n> characters.
--charset=<s>, -c <s>
Set bruteforce character set to <s>
Default is "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"


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