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Stegsolve is a stegano solver for challenges. It provides these main functions:

  • A quick view of different bit planes and some simple transformations.
  • Data extraction from planes. This can be row order or column order, with bits treated as a bitstream and converted into bytes.
  • Some simple checking of file formats and reporting on the filesize, additional bytes, file holes, etc. This is highly dependent upon the type of image.
  • Stereogram solver - simply change the offset until the image becomes visible.
  • Frame browser for animated images. This should also work for viewing layers in multi-layered PNG files.
  • Image combiner to combine two images in a variety of ways and browse through the different combinations.


$ wget


$ java -jar stegsolve.jar

It will popup a GUI where you will be able to look for a picture to analyze.

Then press the buttons at the button of the screen to navigate through the different transformations.


The below example is one of the challenges from picoCTF 2018:

Initial picture Flag revealed