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Two installation modes are available:

  • Tor Browser Bundle: contains everything you need to safely browse the Internet. This package requires no installation and already contains Vidalia, the Tor administration interface. Just extract it and run. This is the recommended installation.
  • Installation from sources

Tor Browser Bundle

$ cd /data/src/
$ wget
$ tar xvzf tor-browser-gnu-linux-i686-1.1.4-dev-en-US.tar.gz

To start Tor, just run:

$ cd tor-browser_en-US/
$ ./start-tor-browser

You should see following screen:


Building from sources

Step 1: Install Dependencies

First install dependencies:

$ sudo apt-get install libevent-dev libssl-dev zlib1g-dev

Step 2: Download and install Tor

Then download, uncompress and configure sources:

$ cd /data/src/
$ wget
$ tar xvzf tor-
$ cd tor-
$ ./configure
$ make

Then either install Tor:

$ sudo make install

Or just start Tor (without installing it):

$ src/or/tor

Step 3: Install and configure Polipo

Tor is a SOCKS proxy, which means that it doesn't care about protocols using it. To correctly handle Tor network latencies, we will install Polipo, an HTTP proxy.

First install Polipo and configure it to work with Tor.

Step 4: Download and use Torbutton (Firefox extension)

Download Torbutton:

By browsing, you should be able to see such a screen:



To use the different examples, first ensure you have following stuff:

  • Tor: the core installation to hide our IP address
  • polipo or privoxy: HTTP proxy used in conjunction with Tor for Web browsing
  • proxychains
  • tortunnel
  • nmap: the portscanner we will use to scan the target