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[Day 14] Unknown Storage


McElferson opens today’s news paper and see’s the headline

Private information leaked from the best festival company

This shocks her! She calls in her lead security consultant to find out more information about this. How do we not know about our own s3 bucket.

McSkidy’s only starting point is a single bucket name: advent-bucket-one

Check out the supporting material here.

#1 - What is the name of the file you found?

Connecting to the bucket reveals a file named employee_names.txt

$ curl -s
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ListBucketResult xmlns=""><Name>advent-bucket-one</Name><Prefix></Prefix><Marker></Marker><MaxKeys>1000</MaxKeys><IsTruncated>false</IsTruncated><Contents><Key>employee_names.txt</Key><LastModified>2019-12-14T15:53:25.000Z</LastModified><ETag>&quot;e8d2d18588378e0ee0b27fa1b125ad58&quot;</ETag><Size>7</Size><StorageClass>STANDARD</StorageClass></Contents></ListBucketResult>

#2 - What is in the file?

The file contains the string mcchef:

$ curl -s