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Example of a VMProtect program (code at entry point):

011F22CE   /E9 54370000     JMP HI2.011F5A27
011F22D3  ^|E9 22B5FFFF     JMP HI2.011ED7FA
011F22D8   |B3 8B           MOV BL,0x8B
011F5A27    50              PUSH EAX
011F5A28    60              PUSHAD
011F5A29    C74424 20 0BAAB>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+0x20],0xFFB1AA0B
011F5A31    66:C70424 59BA  MOV WORD PTR SS:[ESP],0xBA59
011F5A37    C74424 1C 8BC4B>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+0x1C],0x2BB6C48B
011F5A3F    885424 04       MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+0x4],DL
011F5A43    8D6424 1C       LEA ESP,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+0x1C]
011F5A47    E9 B2110D00     JMP HI2.012C6BFE

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