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Kernel-mode Rootkits


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Direct Kernel Object Manipulation (DKOM)

The EPROCESS structures

EPROCESS structures are linked through a doubly-linked list:


Each entry in the EPROCESS list points to both the entry before and the entry after in the list. The list allows tools such as Task Manager to quickly display the currently-active processes.

Hiding a process

If an EPROCESS structure is removed from this list, the process (or, more specifically, the threads that make up the process), will continue to run just fine.


This is an example of DKOM. The FU rootkit uses this technique to hide processes.

.text:000110A9                 call    ds:IoGetCurrentProcess
.text:000110AF                 mov     ecx, dword_13020
.text:000110B5                 mov     edi, [ecx+eax]
.text:000110B8                 cmp     [esp+0Ch+arg_0], edi
.text:000110BC                 mov     esi, edi
.text:000110BE                 jz      short loc_110E2
.text:000110C0                 mov     edx, dword_13014
.text:000110C6 loc_110C6:                              ; CODE XREF: sub_1109A+42�j
.text:000110C6                 cmp     ebx, 1
.text:000110C9                 jl      short loc_110CF
.text:000110CB                 cmp     edi, esi
.text:000110CD                 jz      short loc_110E0
.text:000110CF loc_110CF:                              ; CODE XREF: sub_1109A+2F�j
.text:000110CF                 mov     eax, [edx+eax]
.text:000110D2                 sub     eax, edx
.text:000110D4                 mov     esi, [ecx+eax]
.text:000110D7                 inc     ebx
.text:000110D8                 cmp     [esp+0Ch+arg_0], esi
.text:000110DC                 jnz     short loc_110C6
.text:000110DE                 jmp     short loc_110E2


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