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Complemento is a collection of tools written by Acri Emanuele. It is composed of following tools:

  • LetDown is a tcp flooder that is inspired from the article "TCP Resource Exhaustion and Botched Disclosure" from Fyodor ( It has an (experimental) userland TCP/IP stack, and supports multistage payloads for complex protocols, fragmentation of packets and variable tcp window.
  • ReverseRaider is a domain scanner that uses brute force wordlist scanning for finding a target subdomains or reverse resolution for a range of ip (thanks to Jeremy Brown and his tool DomainScanner for the idea. His blog is: It supports permutation on wordlist, IPv6 and some DNS options.
  • Httsquash is an http server scanner, banner grabber and data retriever (there's a GUI interface for it). It can be used for scanning large ranges of ip for finding devices or http servers. It supports IPv6 and personalized http requests. Experimental fingerprint support, based on httprecon signatures (



They are two methods for installing complemento tools:

  • from package: the easy way but some dependencies must be installed, among which python2.5. If you don't like this method, install from sources.
  • from sources: Installing from sources enables to independently install each of these tools. Refer to Installation from sources.

Installation from sources

The following explains how to install the whole package (3 tools). For a manual install of each tool, please refer to the installation procedure of each tool.

If you have python-2.6, letdown won't compile. Refer to the installation section of each tool for more information.
$ mkdir -p /pentest/enumeration/
$ cd /pentest/enumeration/
$ wget
$ tar xzvf complemento-0.7.6.tar.gz
$ cd complemento/
$ make