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  • radare2 is an advanced commandline hexadecimal editor, disassembler and debugger
  • r2 is the alias program name for radare2.


$ git clone git://github.com/radare/radare2
$ cd radare2
$ sudo sys/install.sh



radare2 [-a arch] [-b bits] [-B baddr] [-c cmd] [-e k=v] [-i file] [-k kernel] [-p project] [-P patch]
[-s addr] [-AdDwntLqv] file


-a arch
force asm.arch (x86, ppc, arm, mips, bf, java, ...)
run 'aa' command before prompt or patch to analyze all referenced code
-b bits
force asm.bits (16, 32, 64)
-B baddr
Specify the base address to be used when loading a new binary. See 'e?bin.baddr'
-c cmd
Execute the given command before giving prompt
Start in debugger mode
-D dbg.backend
Enable debug mode. Set cfg.debug=true
-e k=v
Set configuration eval variable key=value. For example -e scr.color=false
Blocksize = file size
-i file
Run script file
-k kernel
Select kernel (asm.os) for syscall resolution
-l plugfile
Load given plugin file
List supported IO plugins.
Do not load user settings/projects from ~/.radare2rc and ~/.config/radare2/.
Do not perform any analysis (r_bin). Just load the raw file.
Quiet mode (no prompt)
-p prj
Set project file
-P file
Apply rapatch file and quit
-s addr
Start seeking at this address
Get binary information using a thread
Show version information and exits.
Open in write mode
Show help message
Show files and environment help