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List objectives in a Test Plan

A Test Plan is composed of Objectives. To list the Objectives of a Test Plan, click on the reference of an existing Test Plan (from the Test Plans list).

Following information are displayed (additional columns are displayed by clicking on "Extended View" from the menu on the left):

Field Description Normal view Extended View
Reference Reference of the Objective x x
Name Name of the Objective x x
Name Description of the Objective x
Priority Priority of the Objective x x
#Tests Number of Tests included in the Objective x x
Applicable Whether the Objective is applicable x x


Create Objectives in a Test Plan

To create Objectives in a Test Plan, select a the Test Plan and then click on "add an objective" from the menu.

Following fields are available:

  • Reference: Reference of the Objective
  • Name: Name of the Objective
  • Section: Optional. Either select a section from this dropdown list...
  • New section: ...or create a new one
  • Priority: Optional. Priority of your objective (integer)
  • Applicable: Informational checkbox indicating whether the Test should be tested.
  • Description: Description of the Objective
  • Rationale: Additional information to justify the Objective


Objective description

This screen shows the Objective information as well as Tests of the Objective.


Edit Objective Tests

This screen enables to associate tests to objectives.


Delete an Objective Test

To delete an objective, select the objective from the list of Objectives, then click on "delete objective" from the menu.