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Manually unpacking PECompact 2

First of all, let's get rid of all exceptions errors in OllyDbg:

If you open a PE Compact 2 packed malware into OllyDbg, you will get a similar message. Clik "No"

On the below screenshot, we notice that the instruction at address 0x004028F5 triggers a new SEH exception:

3 times "run" (F9) and we are close to the end: notice the "jump" to EAX at 0x0051993D:

Now step over (F8) and step into (F7) and you're done. Dump the process with OllyDump:

Manually unpacking PECompact 1.68 - 1.84

Given a malware that is packed with "PECompact 1.68 - 1.84 -> Jeremy Collake". When we load the program into OllyDbg, we see that it starts at 0x405130:

As depicted below, there are pushfd / pushad instructions that will save all the registers and flags. These registers and flags are likely to be restored (with popfd / popad) before the immediately before the tail jump.

00405130   EB 06            JMP SHORT Lab18-03.00405138
00405132   68 77150000      PUSH 1577
00405137   C3               RETN
00405138   9C               PUSHFD
00405139   60               PUSHAD
0040513A   E8 02000000      CALL Lab18-03.00405141

Let's step over the first 3 instructions, until the program stops at 0x50513A. Now, we want to know the value of the stack pointer and set a breakpoint. To do that, right click on the ESP register and select Follow in dump:

Now in the memory dump window, right click on the first byte and select Breakpoint > Hardware, on Access > Dword:

When we run the program (F9), it reaches our breakpoint:

The code is as follows. It shows a return instruction that transfers the execution to another location, which might be the tail jump.

0040754E   61               POPAD
0040754F   9D               POPFD
00407550   50               PUSH EAX
00407551   68 77154000      PUSH Lab18-03.00401577
00407556   C2 0400          RETN 4

Let's step over till 0x407551 and step into 0x407556. The code hasn't been disassembled by OllyDbg, wich can be easily fixed by selecting Analysis > Analyze code:

We have successfully reached the OEP:

Now, use OllyDump (Plugins > OllyDump > Dump debugged process) to dump the process in memory. Click on the Get EIP as OEP button and then on the Dump button:

And we're done.

Automated unpacking


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