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List Campaigns

This screen lists all existing campaigns in a table with following information:

  • Reference: Reference of the Campaign. Links redirect to Campaign description.
  • Name: Name of the Campaign
  • Description: Description of the Campaign
  • Number of test plans: Number of Test Plans contained in the Campaign


Create a new Campaign

To create a new campaign, click on "add a campaign" from the menu. You will be presented with a form, with following fields:

  • Reference: Reference of the Campaign
  • Name: Name of the Campaign
  • Test Mean: Optional. Eventually select a Test Mean that will apply to the whole campaign.
  • Test Plan: Select the list of Test Plans to include in the campaign
  • Description: Optional. Give a description to the campaign.


Campaign description

From the list of Campaigns, click on the reference of a Campaign to see its details.

You will be presented with following screen, showing:

  • the Test Plans it contains
  • the Campaign runs
  • the results of Campaign runs


Edit a Campaign

To edit a campaign, select it from the list of Campaigns and click on "delete campaign" from the menu.

The screen is similar to the Campaign creation form.

Delete a Campaign


Run a campaign

Prepare a Campaign run

Before running a Campaign, you must prepare it. Click on "prepare a run" from the menu. Then, complete the form:

  • Reference: Reference of the test run (auto-generated with the reference of the Campaign and a run01, run02, ...)
  • Name: Name of the Campaign run
  • Test Mean: Optional. Test Mean applies to the whole Campaign run
  • Description: Optional. Description of the Campaign run
  • Context: Optional. Context of the Campaign run


Run Campaign

First ensure that you have created a Campaign run. Then, click on the reference of the Campaign run from the Campaign description.

From the screen, click on one of these two buttons to run the Campaign run:

  • Run remaining tests: click here if have not or partially run the Campaign run
  • Create run from failed tests: Automatically create a new Campaign run from failed tests.


Campaign run results

Once the Campaign run is complete, you will be presented with a similar screen, showing the status of all tests:


Compare Campaign runs

This screen compares the results of different Campaign run within a given Campaign.