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Test Plans

List Test Plans

To list your Test Plans, click on "Test Plans" from the menu. You are presented with a table that lists the existing Test Plans with, in columns:

  • Reference: the reference of each Test Plan. By clicking on a reference, you will browse the objectives contained in the Test Plan.
  • Name: the name of each Test Plan
  • #Obj: the number of objectives for each Test Plan


Create a new Test Plan

To create a new Test Plan, click on "Add a Test Plan" from the menu. Complete the form and click on "Go" to save it.

  • Reference: reference of the Test Plan
  • Name: Name of the Test Plan
  • Import from UTScapy file
    • File: in case you would like to import the test plan from an existing one you would have done with UTScapy.
    • Add dependencies between tests of the same section
  • Description: Eventual description of the Test Plan

Once you have created a Test Plan, you have to create Objectives.


View a Test Plan

This screen enables to view the details of a Test Plan as well as the Objectives attached to the Test Plan.

By clicking on a Reference of an Objective, you jump to the Objective description.


Edit a Test Plan

To edit a Test Plan, select a Test Plan from the list of Test Plans and click on "edit test plan" from the menu.

The screen enables to modify a Test Plan and is similar to the creation screen of a Test Plan.

Delete a Test Plan

To delete a Test Plan, select the Test Plan to delete from the list of Test Plans and click on "delete test plan" from the menu.