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The Process Environment Block (PEB) is a user-mode data structure that can be used by applications (and by extend by malware) to get information such as the list of loaded modules, process startup arguments, heap address, check whether program is being debugged, find image base address of imported DLLs, ...


struct _PEB {
    0x000 BYTE InheritedAddressSpace;
    0x001 BYTE ReadImageFileExecOptions;
    0x002 BYTE BeingDebugged;
    0x003 BYTE SpareBool;
    0x004 void* Mutant;
    0x008 void* ImageBaseAddress;
    0x00c _PEB_LDR_DATA* Ldr;
    0x010 _RTL_USER_PROCESS_PARAMETERS* ProcessParameters;
    0x014 void* SubSystemData;
    0x018 void* ProcessHeap;
    0x01c _RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION* FastPebLock;
    0x020 void* FastPebLockRoutine;
    0x024 void* FastPebUnlockRoutine;
    0x028 DWORD EnvironmentUpdateCount;
    0x02c void* KernelCallbackTable;
    0x030 DWORD SystemReserved[1];
    0x034 DWORD ExecuteOptions:2; // bit offset: 34, len=2
    0x034 DWORD SpareBits:30; // bit offset: 34, len=30
    0x038 _PEB_FREE_BLOCK* FreeList;
    0x03c DWORD TlsExpansionCounter;
    0x040 void* TlsBitmap;
    0x044 DWORD TlsBitmapBits[2];
    0x04c void* ReadOnlySharedMemoryBase;
    0x050 void* ReadOnlySharedMemoryHeap;
    0x054 void** ReadOnlyStaticServerData;
    0x058 void* AnsiCodePageData;
    0x05c void* OemCodePageData;
    0x060 void* UnicodeCaseTableData;
    0x064 DWORD NumberOfProcessors;
    0x068 DWORD NtGlobalFlag;
    0x070 _LARGE_INTEGER CriticalSectionTimeout;
    0x078 DWORD HeapSegmentReserve;
    0x07c DWORD HeapSegmentCommit;
    0x080 DWORD HeapDeCommitTotalFreeThreshold;
    0x084 DWORD HeapDeCommitFreeBlockThreshold;
    0x088 DWORD NumberOfHeaps;
    0x08c DWORD MaximumNumberOfHeaps;
    0x090 void** ProcessHeaps;
    0x094 void* GdiSharedHandleTable;
    0x098 void* ProcessStarterHelper;
    0x09c DWORD GdiDCAttributeList;
    0x0a0 void* LoaderLock;
    0x0a4 DWORD OSMajorVersion;
    0x0a8 DWORD OSMinorVersion;
    0x0ac WORD OSBuildNumber;
    0x0ae WORD OSCSDVersion;
    0x0b0 DWORD OSPlatformId;
    0x0b4 DWORD ImageSubsystem;
    0x0b8 DWORD ImageSubsystemMajorVersion;
    0x0bc DWORD ImageSubsystemMinorVersion;
    0x0c0 DWORD ImageProcessAffinityMask;
    0x0c4 DWORD GdiHandleBuffer[34];
    0x14c void (*PostProcessInitRoutine)();
    0x150 void* TlsExpansionBitmap;
    0x154 DWORD TlsExpansionBitmapBits[32];
    0x1d4 DWORD SessionId;
    0x1d8 _ULARGE_INTEGER AppCompatFlags;
    0x1e0 _ULARGE_INTEGER AppCompatFlagsUser;
    0x1e8 void* pShimData;
    0x1ec void* AppCompatInfo;
    0x1f0 _UNICODE_STRING CSDVersion;
    0x1f8 void* ActivationContextData;
    0x1fc void* ProcessAssemblyStorageMap;
    0x200 void* SystemDefaultActivationContextData;
    0x204 void* SystemAssemblyStorageMap;
    0x208 DWORD MinimumStackCommit;

View PEB in WinDbg

kd> dt ntdll!_PEB
   +0x000 InheritedAddressSpace : UChar
   +0x001 ReadImageFileExecOptions : UChar
   +0x002 BeingDebugged    : UChar
   +0x003 SpareBool        : UChar
   +0x004 Mutant           : Ptr32 Void
   +0x008 ImageBaseAddress : Ptr32 Void
   +0x00c Ldr              : Ptr32 _PEB_LDR_DATA
   +0x010 ProcessParameters : Ptr32 _RTL_USER_PROCESS_PARAMETERS
   +0x014 SubSystemData    : Ptr32 Void
   +0x018 ProcessHeap      : Ptr32 Void


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